Will Varley to reschedule November date

Will Varley, the Kingston based troubadour has had to cancel his performance in Devizes on Friday November 7th, but has offered to reschedule for later in the year.

I apologies to all of those who were super excited to see him, we were too, but we’re hoping to announce a December date later this week. 

Now performing on November the 7th will be Shaun Buswell on his small jaunt with Swedish indie pop act, Last Box of Sparklers. See Shauns words about them below.

Led by Erik Gunnar Nyberg, created in 2011 when his former band, the soul pop outfit The Flaming Moes, combusted. Putting the fast-paced pop songs to rest, he slowly started crafting a wider variety of slower and more pronounced indie pop music, still with one foot in the Swedish melodic language, but now with more attention to production detail than before. This has resulted in 4 EPs, one album, and the recent double-sided single, “Cat Power Girl / G R O W L ! ! !” Erik has recently started performing his songs live, usually with just his quiet voice and his Squier Jaguar guitar.


Those of you who have any form of memory and passing interest in Devizes music, will remember Shaun from his performance in Devizes earlier this year, at St Mary’s Church. Shaun will be performing with a version of his normal band, with various musicians playing unplugged to give a really natural feel. 

Entry to the show is still FREE and will still present the highest quality of original,  live music going. Beat that. 

In other news;

A HUGE thank you to all who came to the anniversary shows in Swindon (Decade) and Devizes (Jonah). They cost a lot to put on and we broke even. Thanks to everyone who bought the t-shirt, you can see a regularly updating gallery of “Mooshs in tshirts” over on our Facebook page. You can still pick up tee’s over on our Bandcamp. There will be a review of the Decade show over on MixtapePress very shortly, while there is a live recording of Jonah on our Soundcloud

 SOLEMN SUN MAKE a return: One time Fantasy Radio sessionists  and  regular Sheer performers / favourites, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, changed their name and released a  new EP. You can read what fellow co-promoter Rob Escott thinks about it over at The Colour Of Vinyl. Personally I don’t quite see what all the fuss was about over the change of name, but perhaps this is just the beginning. Go wrap your ears around it anyway and judge for yourself. 

 DAVE McPHERSON ticket sales continue to trickle through via SeeTickets but we haven’t had a sausage from WeGotTickets – Either way,  as ever with these things, tickets are from outside of the area – I am always genuinely impressed to see where people travel from for shows. I guess it’s not rocket science to appreciate that, since I travel for shows myself. Anyway, we have people from Bath, Bristol and Frome currently making the trip to Devizes. And I thank those who have already bought tickets – though they’re unlikely to read this. 

AND finally, Devizes Festival committee meetings have kicked off again – We are looking for new members, potentially for someone to take on our contract responsibility? If that sounds like a direction to want to work in, drop me a message. Otherwise we have started programming for 2015, and it’s looking strong already!


We’re back & set to feature on BBC West Introducing

After a long summer break, we were back this weekend gone, with two shows run by local musicians before beginning the promotion run in for Decade and Jonah Matranga.

Friday night saw Barney Goodall bid farewell to Devizes, before heading back to Liverpool to finish the last year of his course. Good luck Barney and all who sail in him. 

That night featured a number of impromptu performances from member of the audience, including local Jazz singer, Linda Nordlund and regular theatre performer Chris Palmer in Barney’s set. There was also a breath taking set from Luke De-Sciscio. Which is a regular occurrence from the young lad now. 

Saturday night was daddy Lamb, aka Tim Henly’s 50th birthday and possibly the UK’s crassest performer, Kunt And The Gang, head up The Lamb. 

Naturally Kunt was in fine fettle, with his new songs possibly going to another depth of depravity (Our Youtube video is to follow…) Needless to say, what happened in that room, stays in that room. 

And what a room. Jonn King has worked tirelessly to re-imagine the performance space. He offered me a 100 and 1 different ideas, and I think we’ve managed to get the best out of the room now – If you’re interested, head over to the Facebook page HERE, and take a look at the gallery.


However, the weekend wasn’t where it all started. Thursday night I made a 4 hour round trip to Bristol (yes, 4 hours. I hate driving round Bristol. It’s traffic is enough to test even the best of patiences.) to record a 20 minute interview with Rich and Sam of BBC West Introducing. 

I haven’t really had much to do with those fella’s since the shake up of the Wiltshire Introducing, despite my best attempts. So I took 10 years worth of my posters, reviews and general press cuttings to prove to them what I’m about. I’m glad I did, as we pawed over them at great length and had much mutual love for many south-west bands, with Safetyword coming out near the top. 

This interview will be aired on Saturday 27th September, from 8pm. Listen to the whole session as there will be some ace music, a sessionist (not sure who yet) and maybe even a rare Safetyword plug and play! You will find all sorts of opinions on what’s happening with the Swindon scene and where it’s all heading.


Friday was Frank Turner in Bath. I met a whole bunch of gig friends before hand at The Nest. We drank, were merry and had a good sing song. We discussed Moles still seemingly far off re-opening, mourned a lost friend and agreed it was probably the hottest gig we’ve ever been to. Bath Pavillions need some air-conditioning. 


All in all, it’s good to be back. Focussed on the upcoming Decade gig in Swindon (Tickets HERE and HERE) having a genuine bona fide musical legend in Jonah Matranga coming to Devizes and looking forward to announcing the Xmas party show. 

So here’s to the underground music scene, all who make it a great place. Cheers. 



Decade perform at Swindon’s Level 3 on Thursday 2nd October. This is a 14+ show. Tickets available on door.

Jonah Matranga (Far / Onelinedrawing) performs at The Lamb, Devizes on Friday 3rd October. That will be a 16+ show. Tickets available on door.

10 year shows and Tee’s

Like so much, this wasn’t what I had quite planned, but it is how it has panned out. And it’s still great. 

First of all, our actual decade date will be Wednesday 24th September, 10 years to the night that Alex Fruen put his hand through a glass table, Adam Rossitor broke a mirror – subsequently getting us banned – and a bunch of Lavington kids complained there was too much metal. There was, but we all had fun anyway. 

To celebrate this now probably over egged fact, we’re throwing 2 shows. One in Swindon, where we arguably have had some success, featuring the aptly named DECADE. Then the following night we have managed to convince American post-hardcore legend turned soloist, JONAH MATRANGA to come to -well off the beaten track- Devizes. Our stomping ground, garrison, HQ what ever we call it, it’s been the best place to see the best bands from the UK underground in Wiltshire for 10 years. We very much took over as Trowbridge came to a close. No bad thing – Trowbridge ruled until it lost it’s venue(s). We came in, took the baton and carried the torch. 

You can find all that relevant info on our gigs page to your right, if you’re reading on the web or by clicking HERE if you’re in the mail out. 

We’re suitably excited and impressed, and we hope you are too. 


I, Kieran Moore, will be on the radio Wednesday night from 7 – 9pm with fellow conspirator Rob Escott, on his session The Colour Of Vinyl, to play you a bunch of tunes and try and convince you why you should all be attending these shows. Rob is an excellent host and we have a lorra lorra laughs. You should probably tune in, as let’s face it Wednesday night is hardly where it all goes down. Tune in HERE! or via your tablet or smart phone using the TunedIn radio app.


I wasn’t expecting to be so organised with the t-shirts, or the company to be so quick. Nevertheless we ordered them and received them in total, within 2 days. Which makes me the owner of 100 grey t-shirts. You can pick them up form our Bandcamp page, which is under STORE on your right, or clicking HERE. They’re £8 with free delivery. We’ve sold a bunch already, which is great – and you can see from the pictures below – they look raddd. 

Many thanks to fledging local designer, SHARNA MOLLETT for the design and to Alex Fruen (the same guy as the glass incident above) of Original Glory for the digitalisation. They were screen printed by Calder Screen Print, Halifax.

Keep an eye on our Bandcamp, as I want to revive the Live At The Lamb playlist thingy… but we’re not quite there yet. 

 Embedded image permalink  Embedded image permalink

I’m still on the summer break. I’m still not doing any more gigs until September, but I hope you’re enjoying your time where ever you are, chasing the dream. 


DECADE – Callous.

You can lead a Horse to water…. Underage Music Month

For the past decade I’ve largely concerned myself with the youth of Devizes & Wiltshire – Mostly in a Jo Whiley “suck their energy and stay young” type of way, but as I have passed the threshold of 30, it’s becoming much more of a struggle to remain on the level of an aloof teenager and harder still to tell them why they should take an interest in their local music scene – You’re either interested or your not. 

Thus, today I’m passing on a message; 

April is Underage Music Month and BBC Introducing in the West is on the look-out for the most creative young musicians in the area. 

If you’re under 18 years old and making music then please email underagemusicmonth@bbc.co.uk or tweet us @bbcintrowest using the hashtag #underagemusicmonth. Or maybe you know someone who’s being creative with music, but not getting the recognition they deserve? Richard and I (Sam Bonham) want to find the most creative young musicians in the West Country throughout April.  

It’s another way to get involved, and a relatively straight forward one too, so join in. I hope those of you who saw our tweets, entered the Larmer Tree Festivals competition too, good luck to those that did. 


If you’re Wiltshire based and looking for gigs, you could do yourself a favour and drop Abe Juggins an email – He is currently booking a series of gigs on Fridays in May at The Bell By The Green, in aid of the Devizes Showcase. It’s filling up, but there are spaces. Check out the Sheer Music Facepage for more information. I’ve seen the festival brochure, and he get’s a lovely mention. 


Not that I’m even remotely bothered by my age (I stress that I’m not again, despite the constant commentary…) but  there is something quite cool about the idea of singing Gilbert & Sullivan. If you feel the same way, well then GOOD NEWS, White Horse Opera are looking for chaps to sing. A wry smile to anyone who thought of Sideshow Bob attempting to murder Bart Simpson, at the mention of Gilbert & Sullivan, but if that is what it takes…. 

Drop Barbara Gompels an email and offer your services!


We do have some great news to announce in due course, regarding our 10 year anniversary show, local awards, Devizes Festival and more – just keep reading! 


We’re joining Brian Reid on the Mid Week Mojo!

Continuing our drive of our 10 year anniversary celebrations, this Wednesday the 3rd of April, I will be joining none other than Brian “Papa Roads” Reid in the Chippenham FM hot seat, and co-hosting his Mid Week Mojo.

Broadcast through their website at http://www.chippenhamfm.com, I will be live on the air with Brian from 8pm. We’ll be talking about the past decade, the present, the future, the ups, the downs, the successes, the disasters and I’ve hand picked 6 songs to play too! 

Please tune in, drop Brian and I some banter, share your favourite moments / memories – Tell us your favourite shows and why! 

Call/Text – 07950 842365
Email – info@chippenhamfm.com
Like us on Facebook – /ChippFM
Follow us on Twitter – @ChippenhamFM


First great album of 2014 released

Whilst all the buzz around here is deservedly directed towards our friends in DECADE, I’d like to point you in the direction of Scottish singer songwriter, MARK McCABE, who released his album “A Good Way To Busy Bad News” this week on Cats? Aye! Records

We have had the pleasure of Mark’s performances twice in Devizes, once with the equally talented Oxygen Thief back in 2012 (and their ridiculously good tour poster!) and then again last year when he tumbled into town with the lovely Ellen Cox. Both times he was magnificent, his soft, unmistakably Scottish accent delivering songs that really feel like you’re listening to something more significant than simply a guy in a room. 

Songs such as Crutches and Join The Crowd, deliver with such thought provoking honesty that it’s easy to see why Mark has gained a decent buzz and reputation, not to mention the constant touring. (He’s currently off in Europe with the previously mentioned Ellen Cox) 

The album was recorded on days off, over a 6 month period, with Mark recording most of the parts himself. This is not so much a remarkable feat, but it impresses me all the same that an independent act can part time record an album and deliver something as professional and great sounding as this. 

I have a firm belief that this record will sit in the end of year lists, probably along with Decade and if you got 5 minutes I suggest you go and have a listen via his Bandcamp. (and download the name-your-price previous efforts too!) 

Check out this live recording from when he played Devizes last,  which I’m very proud of because it came out so well for a simple line out desk recording. I hope to bring him back to The Lamb / Devizes / Wiltshire at some point this year too.

Sorry for slow and lack of updates, I have a week off, sorting myself out and hope to get a good few things organised and advertised! Remember to follow us on Twitter @Sheer_Music and Instagram /Sheer_Music. I am also in the laborious process of writing, in as much detail as possible, our history since we started in 2004. I hope it will be a fun read! 

>insert, Smarty pants, new year blog title, here<

Well howdy 2014, you came around quick. We’re already half way through January before I’ve even mentioned anything that’s happening this year. 

I never bother with new years eve, call me grumpy, but you count down to midnight, have a quick snog, continue getting too drunk and wonder what all the fuss was about. I love a pointless celebration as much as the next person, I just don’t like paying inflated door prices just to drink in my regular boozer! I much prefer Christmas, as you get all the gaudy, unnecessery decorations that go with it , that’s how you celebrate.

What does 2014 have in store for us then?

My gigs start this Friday the 17th January at The Lamb, in St Johns Street Devizes. With Cambridge, underground performer B SYDES. A performance less suggestive of his quaint love for the traditional single, and more a stroke of coincidence that his name is Ben Sydes. 

What I like about Ben is his ability to play nice and chunky, avoiding any clichés that would normally befall your regular singer songwriters. You’ll have to listen, he’ll drown you out. He’s also a handsome chap, capable of growing better stubble than me. Check that out here.

A further look ahead yields these results… 

Jan 31st           AL O’KANE
– Excellent  roots, crossover bluesy, folk, acoustic
Feb 7th            JON AMOR + Rhiannon Mair
– This pair need little introduction.

Feb 21st           NO FIXED ABODE
– Proper traditional knit your own breakfast, Irish folk.
Feb 28th         THOMAS FORD           
– This guy is UNREAL. Best described as a One Man Blues Trio. Ace.

Mar 7th                 Secret Chord Records
– Swindon’s 
independent label sets out the best of their roster.

Mar 14th         BOB BOWLES
– If you can shout it out, he can play it!

Mar 21st              TEDDY LIGHT
– Well, there isn’t enough room for the Teddy White band is there?

Thurs   Apr 24th GAZ BROOKFIELD – He’s back on tour, but this is a Thursday, write that down!

All the info on these gigs can be found on the gigs tab of the website, on your right >>>>>>> And in all our regular social networking stuffz
Twitter: @sheer_musicsoundcloud.com/sheermusicinstagram.com/sheer_music

TONIGHT you will be able to hear my dulcet chords on MELKSHAM TOWN SOUND. I’m \gatecrashing the air with my cohort Rob Escott. He’ll be playing what I bribe him to play and with any luck we’ll be announcing a few more shows too. Tune in from 8pm on line.

That’s all for now, until next time, toodle pip!

Decade announce Warped Tour with Jim Lockey!

There’s a big battle going on right now in my heart at least, over who is doing Devizes most proud right now.

We have the legendary, and original home town band THE HOAX, hitting up The Corn Exchange tomorrow night (Thursday 29th August) as part of their UK tour supporting the fan pledged release of their new album. Dig a little under the surface of this band, and there’s a lot to be inspired and impressed by – They have done some truly amazing stuff, worthy of that legendary status.

If The Hoax are the original, then you have to look at DECADE being the fresh face of the new. The band who only just got back from smashing Reading & Leeds festivals, have today announced they are playing Warped Tour UK on November 17th.  Surely a feet we once only dreamed of, for a band from Devizes?

They inked their first contract with Universal Records imprint, Spinefarm only a few weeks ago and have since built up momentum and reputation as one of the finest new bands on the scene. Their début album drops in spring 2014. 

Also on the Warped Tour bill on Nov 17th and completing this circle of pride, we have dedicated Sheer favourites, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, who have played Devizes a whole bunch of times in the past few years – including a great live session for Fantasy Radio – Which you can check out here > http://fantasyradio.co.uk/programmes/fantasy-introduces/sessions/

Massive congratulations to Hoax, Jim and the boys in Decade.

Continuing our impressive run of producing acts over the past 9 years of my involvement with local live music, we have parody rapper and Youtube sensation CHIP DADDY having just signed a management deal with Channel Flip Media and will be announcing his own UK tour dates around 7pm today, in all the usual places 

Blog post covering Devizes lads, Bite The Buffalo and their show in Swindon this weekend, coming tomorrow!

To lead you out, here’s a terrible audio, but great visual fan video of Decade, showing Reading who’s boss. 

Somewhat Snakes, EP review…

This year I’ve gotten back into my Punk rock. Possibly due to the success of the, limited, amount of punk bands I’ve put on the past 12 months.

Only last week did Decade, Run From Robots and Rat Attack all play RadStock fest (which is not actually in Radstock, but a Rad Stock, as in Woodstock, festival) All 3 bands have played Devizes in the past 12 months – I do pick em’.

ANYWAY, when these sorts of bands have played in the past, it’s always been a toss up of supports, either too heavy with those hardcore metal bands, or too pop-punk. We’ve really lacked, in my opinion, some proper balls out punk rock.

Well that has changed. 

SOMEWHAT SNAKES, from Chippenham are just that – a fully fledged balls out rock and roll punk band, who have just released a 4 track demo / EP / release, via their BANDCAMP

It’s flippin’ brilliant. If you’re a fan of The Bronx, or The Computers or Blowgoat etc, then these guys really nail it across the 4 tracks. The urgency in the opening riff of Taste The Top really sets out their stall and what they’re about – fun, fast, punk rock. 

Their guitarist Jez Oehley is also the bassist in Chippenham metal band, Acts Of Brutality, and it shows in Somewhat Snakes music, although in my opinion, this is their weakest element – a couple of times they veer off into that, trying-to-sound-evil, trait that metal bands do, to sound, you know – badass. Or whatever. 

If they keep up the fun with their next release, and less of the, I Hate My Dad element, then it’s something to get excited about – I am looking forward to watching them live – Shit I can see this being off the wall, throwing them selves around, circle pitting’ – it’s that good. 

Demo cover art