First great album of 2014 released

Whilst all the buzz around here is deservedly directed towards our friends in DECADE, I’d like to point you in the direction of Scottish singer songwriter, MARK McCABE, who released his album “A Good Way To Busy Bad News” this week on Cats? Aye! Records

We have had the pleasure of Mark’s performances twice in Devizes, once with the equally talented Oxygen Thief back in 2012 (and their ridiculously good tour poster!) and then again last year when he tumbled into town with the lovely Ellen Cox. Both times he was magnificent, his soft, unmistakably Scottish accent delivering songs that really feel like you’re listening to something more significant than simply a guy in a room. 

Songs such as Crutches and Join The Crowd, deliver with such thought provoking honesty that it’s easy to see why Mark has gained a decent buzz and reputation, not to mention the constant touring. (He’s currently off in Europe with the previously mentioned Ellen Cox) 

The album was recorded on days off, over a 6 month period, with Mark recording most of the parts himself. This is not so much a remarkable feat, but it impresses me all the same that an independent act can part time record an album and deliver something as professional and great sounding as this. 

I have a firm belief that this record will sit in the end of year lists, probably along with Decade and if you got 5 minutes I suggest you go and have a listen via his Bandcamp. (and download the name-your-price previous efforts too!) 

Check out this live recording from when he played Devizes last,  which I’m very proud of because it came out so well for a simple line out desk recording. I hope to bring him back to The Lamb / Devizes / Wiltshire at some point this year too.

Sorry for slow and lack of updates, I have a week off, sorting myself out and hope to get a good few things organised and advertised! Remember to follow us on Twitter @Sheer_Music and Instagram /Sheer_Music. I am also in the laborious process of writing, in as much detail as possible, our history since we started in 2004. I hope it will be a fun read! 


The GAZ BROOKFIELD + Joe McCorriston UK tour swings into town this Friday, the line up how ever doesn’t stop there however, with “Hippo Song” and the best thing to come out of Westbury, Rhys Coleman in tow and the previously well received Welsh wonder, Ellen Cox too. 

So we thought, why stop there? A west country lad, turned underground hero, a Welsh woman, a northerner, the only thing missing? A Scotsman – So I’ve been *easily* coaxed into welcoming Mark McCabe onto the bill.

Those with a keen memory will remember Mark once performed on the Oxygen Thief tour, which came through town last year, welcome back Mark!

Entry is free, as usual, at The Lamb in Devizes from 8pm. Check out Thursdays Gazette for the obligatory preview, and possibly a better written attempt at the hard sell 😉  


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gaz tour poster


Jamie Coupe’s 18th Birthday Gig Party.

BOOM! Jamie Coupe has been performing for the past 2 years solidly, heading out all over the area, building up his fan base and developing his performance skills. 

This Friday Jamie get’s to head line his first show (for me at any rate) at The Lamb in Devizes – Not just because it’s his 18th Birthday, and not just because he has some really rad friends and fans, but because over the past 12 months he has supported the likes of Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, Chris T-T, Dave McPherson, Ben Marwood and loads more and came out every time, looking every part the troubadour we believe him to be. 

This show will be packed, it’s going to be huge – and rightly so. It’s you duty as a Devizes resident, and local music fan to come and watch Jamie take on his first head line, and deliver a set – which I hope will become part of Devizes legend. 

Support comes from Ellen Cox, who is a Swing and Blues influenced Folk-Punk Singer/Songwriter from mid Wales (see below) – I had a chance meeting with Ellen, whilst having dinner with Frank Turner (she was his guest),  back in 2012, just prior to his Frome Cheese & Grain show, so I am very pleased to be able to offer her a gig in our hot bed of a scene.