Xmas Show @ The Lamb Friday 9th December 2016


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Engineering @ 12 Bar // Faith No Man

Faith No Man – like most cover bands I’ve come across, their members are spread out across the county. This lot hail from the midlands, and shared jokes about who went the right way. It’s nice to meet people on the road as you feel part of a much bigger scene. The bassist was first to the venue – even beating the staff – he was set and ready to go before I had even fired her up.

The 12 Bar’s PA has had a bit of an overhaul since Dave got back from holiday and a dodgy connection in the bass processor aside, the whole system sounded clearer – this was confirmed in the sound check with some lovely loud, crisp vocals – usually my pet peeve of mixes.

F.N.M. were bloody fantastic. I’ll admit to only knowing about 3 Faith No More songs – but on this showing I’ll investigate closer – the obvious ones Epic and Ashes To Ashes were note perfect and delivered well – though their keyboardist could look happier between the bits he did play or find some noise to fill in with, rather than watching stage right with his arms crossed.

One punter was overheard saying how good the keys were and another was left disappointed after asking me for a copy of the recording. The singer danced about like a man possessed – not easy when your singing songs that you didn’t write, but unfortunately they only played an hour and a half set, and the venue was only a third full. Despite this they were well received, though being plunged into darkness in the encore probably didn’t help the atmosphere. I hit the wrong key on the desk and overrode the pattern, it took me two songs to figure out how to reset it – I stopped with the strobing and flashing after that and left them in an eerie red pall.

An early night was welcomed after Jax the night before and having to be up at the crack of dawn for Posting on Saturday, I was set for sleep. I drove home past the Bell’ to see the carnage left by The Boys From County Hell – disappointingly there wasn’t any. Maybe next time!