Gaz Brookfield makes his Trowbridge debut…

That doesn’t seem right, does it? Gaz Brookfield the self proclaimed “land pirate” who has toured (probably) every town in our fair isle, and was based in Wiltshire for a decade or so, has yet to make an appearance in our county town?!?!

Yet my fellow compadres this is the case. Gaz has never performed in Trowbridge. Never at the Village Pump, or Stallards or even the White Hart. So now on his 5th studio album, his never-ending tour finally rolls into Trowbridge at the Town Hall Arts. Bypassing the usual pup gig entry level show you have to do when visiting a new town, Gaz jumps straight to the top of the pile, in what is arguably our nicest small venue. 

Previously in this room we’ve hosted Chris T-T, Mark Morriss, Professor Elemental and coming up we have Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, Axes and Levellers front man, Mark Chadwick – who has previously personally invited Gaz to tour with him, so we’re very much becoming a member of that scene and establishing Town Hall Arts as a venue of choice for these sorts of artists and shows. 

As you would expect, tickets have been strong for this gig, despite it being on the unlucky day of Friday the 13th. 

You can still pick up cheap advance tickets over at WeGotTickets – We’ve seen the pre-sales and I am delighted that I know so few of them – This is going to be a totally new crowd to Sheer, to our shows and what we do, in an amazing venue and space, with amazing support in the shape of Chuck SJ Hay.

Chuck has played for us only a handful of times, but they’re an absolute talent. We haven’t seen anyone play acoustic guitar  quite so aggressively since Oxygen Thief. They’ll play a lot of angry protest songs, about gender, equality and society at large. 

to recap:

Friday 13th April 2018
Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge
Doors 8pm.
8.45 – 9.15 – Chuck SJ Hay
9.30 – 10.30 – GAZ BROOKFIELD

Tickets £8 adv. £10 otd. 

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ORIGINAL LIVE MUSIC – This is just the beginning Trowbridge, please get involved now.


Your yearly dose of Chap Hop in Wiltshire

94mm Beer Mat CIRCLE GUIDE
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New Riot @ 12 Bar –

A last-minute change form the Vic to the 12 bar lead to some awesome delight on the 3rd night of straight music mixing for me!

New Riot are a skanking 6 piece from some where in the UK, and this night being their warm up show for the support slots on the [SPUNGE] tour.

As I arrived at the venue, they were already in and setting up – a good sign if you ever needed one. The band consist of a typical set up, 2 guitars, bass and drums, with the addition of a brass section – a Trumpet and Sax. This was probably my first proper mixing of 2 brass instruments in one band, it went smoothly enough – the saxophonist had a nice wireless clip on mic, so he could dance about & I whacked up a 57 for the trumpet – job done.

I do love a bit of Ska, and looking back I can’t ever remember seeing a rubbish, or at least poorly played ska band, that’s either because 3 chord punk is easy to play, or because the musicians always put a lot of passion into ska… Either way New Riot did not let the side down with a hugely fun hour set, blasting out song after song of upbeat, high tempo ska punk tunes, chucking in a sublime cover, and a conga line to finish the night off. Excellent stuff – and I should imagine [SPUNGE] will have to be on top of their game not to be shown up!

Heres the bands you tube album launch video thingy, it’s a lot of fun.