TENDRIL release début EP

Devizes classic rockers, TENDRIL, who won the Devizes Festival Showcase back in June, have used their studio time / money prize to cut their first demo which is released TODAY via their bandcamp.


The 5 track EP which is jovially called Tendril Loving Care, was recorded by Gareth Nicholas, a relatively new comer to our scene. You will have heard a lot of Gareth’s live recordings on the Sheer Music Soundcloud previously, but this is the first time Gareth has been able to record locally, in any sense of studio quality, at The Warehouse rehearsal space. I reckon he’s worth tapping up for your own recording.

This EP is being given the release show treatment on Friday 29th November, at The Bell By The Green, Devizes. You can find out more on that on the Facebook event page. This head line show has been a long time coming for the band, who burst onto the scene only 17 months ago, when they performed the Devizes Festival showcase in 2012, their first ever live performance, under their previous name, Orcryst. You can see a Youtube video of that, here.



Orcryst change name and hit studio…

For the past 19 months the band name ORCRYST has been synonymous with the new generation of local metal – Sunday prompted the next stage of the band, as they announce the change of name and prepared themselves to hit the studio Monday morning, to record their first multi tracked, fully fledged EP.  

The new name will be TENDRIL – which in botany, relates to the specialised stems of wall / climbing plants. You can continue to look at the original Facebook page, which is >Here< for your convenience. The guys are recording with new-to-the-scene mobile recording engineer, Gareth Nicholas, which many will know since he has already recorded a lot of my live shows. These can be found on his Soundcloud (link at the bottom.)

The as yet untitled EP, will potentially feature 5 tracks and as many people know, lack any vocals. The band have financed this recording by winning the Devizes Festival Battle Of The Bands (Showcase) event back in June.

Since they’re suing so much of my gear for the recording process, I popped into the studio at lunch time to check in on the progress, and managed to get a few shots, on my terrible, Terrible, Blackberry phone…

Word is the band will wrap up tomorrow lunch time, before Gareth gets on with the final mixes before mastering. Details for listening will be due in due course!

Gareth WarehouseGareth looking mobile there…

Orcryst WarehouseThe band performing in silence, as we track the drums… 


New Model Army sell out / Orcryst recording

Devizes Festival 2013’s BIG prize pig show, NEW MODEL ARMY has SOLD OUT. 

Tickets have sold consistently strong since release in May, with an unprecedented level of feedback having been headed my way, ever since the shows announcement.  

The full 400 tickets have now been sold, meaning not only do we have a class act in town, but also a class audience, with people from all over the country making the trip. This show is extra special as former bassist Moose Harris, a born and bred Devizes lad, cancelled holidays plans to be at the gig. 

After 3 or 4 years of begging the festival to revert to on line ticket sales, and the appointment of chairman and kindred spirit in Ian Hopkins, I feel very  much vindicated by the use of WeGotTickets and the effect it’s had on this years attendances at events.

Not only that, but I have the pleasure of announcing that young Devizes metal band ORCRYST, have won the £200 studio voucher to record their first proper demo, after appearing and impressing at the Devizes Showcase. 

Recording will be carried out in mid-August, with new local producer Gareth Nicholas (Garethnicholas.org). Gareth recently relocated to Wiltshire from Leicester after studying recording and production at university and has recorded a number of Sheer shows, of which you can hear the results below. 

Full details over the EP are yet to be revealed – since we don’t know them our selves!  

More from your local scene…

Yesterday I sat on my soap box briefly, and shouted about how great our scene is – if you bother to look – Today I have great pleasure in sharing some live recordings, made by an excellent local engineer, Gareth Nicholas – These songs were all performed live at The Lamb, by the artists, in front of an appreciating crowd! 

You can find out about Gareth over on his website, Gareth Nicholas.org 

Promoting a show in Devizes + beyond


I’ve just stumbled across an interesting read on a Facebook page entitled, the Devizes Debate, where some locals have started talking about the music scene in Devizes. 

Some lovely supporting comments made from friends of mine, but interestingly as an organiser, PA hirer, stage manager and promoter for 300+ gigs in past 9 years, point of view, it was the comments about “lack of knowledge” of the local scene which struck me the most.

Let me tell you a very brief story – Back in 2011 I put on local blues legend, Jon Amor, at The Lamb in Devizes. The poster designed for the show was of Sardines in a can, and represented the fact the venue is so busy on gigs nights, we are crammed in like Sardines. 

I stood at the front of the show, room full of people, and over the PA I shout “DID ANYONE SEE THE POSTER?!” expecting people to laugh at my jovial jab at the size of The Lamb, and the awesome nature of our gigs. What I got was mute silence and a little cough and tumble weed.

SO, what do you have to do to promote a show? 

Certainly I never replied on simply sticking up a few posters. (I went down from 50 A4’s back in 2010 to 20 A4’s and now deal in better quality posters and images, full colour A3’s but tend to only do a handful – directly relating to the success a poster in a shop!) 

I have a fantastic relationship with Alison Philips of the Gazette and Herald, who has previewed and reviewed my shows over the past 3 years. I even bought her flowers and chocolate to show my, genuine appreciation. We have excellent fanzines like The Ocelot and recently Crammer who run features and listings for us. 

We live in the digital age, so why stop there? There was Facebook pages, and groups – like mine >Sheer Music< advertising she show, websites such as ents24, Allgigs,  and even apps for smart phones like SONG KICK – (a massive suggestion to EVERYONE to use this free app – simply and straight forwardly, the best live music listings app there is. End of. No debate.)

So if you are completely unaware of my gigs in Devizes – HOW have you managed to not stumbled across one? I mean, if you’ve had teenage children during the time frame of 2004 to 2013 – then they certainly will of known or been to one of my gigs, which means by proxy you might of heard of them? 

Anyway, I’m not fussed – There is now a much larger scene now than there ever has been. I’m not being shy, or arrogant, or modest, or anything when I state, that in 2004 the scene was dead. 

Devizes Festival was great, as it always is. And there were those involved with that, who did other functions. But the scene we have now didn’t exist in any shape or form. I know I have helped in many ways, people like Devizes Festival, and helped shape the music in Devizes. 

SO how can anyone not know about Devizes music?

I believe it’s as simple as this. People Don’t Look For It.

Even more simply, it’s there – it has been for ages, we’ve had really good turn outs and supports for shows – so I am genuinely baffled and amazed that anyone can lay claim that they don’t know about music in Devizes! 

Even if you don’t drink socially or go out and see music, you will know someone who does. Even if you don’t follow music listings websites, you probably read the gazette. If you do neither, you must be on facebook? Or have kids or friends in bands, or be a musicians yourself! 

Anyway, if you’re new to Devizes Music Scene, hop onto any of the links highlighted in red above, join in the fun and experience live music of a high industry standard – and more importantly – TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT! 

SN10 – Facebook page

Sheer-Music – Facebook page

Long street blues club – Facebook page 

Wiltshire Music Scene – Facebook page

Southgate Inn Facepage 

Please also take time to check out (and google), Bear Hotel Jazz Club, Bell By The Green, Ronnie Swift’s shows, Fantasy Radio, The Ocelot, Gareth Nicholas etc and everything else in between! 

That’s it I’m done. I’m off to update Devizes.Org.uk with my gigs listings, and the Devizes Calender, and allgigs and ents…………….


Sheer @ Lamb (Devizes) by Kieran Moore

Live recordings from The Lamb

A few weeks ago I blogged about a new recording engineer, looking for work in the area – Gareth Nicholas, who recently moved to Bromham is offering to travel to you, with his mobile recording suite – you can find out more at his website GARETHNICHOLAS.ORG

However, as a little taster of what he is capable of, I let Gareth loose on a few shows at The Lamb, notably the recent performance by ex-King Blues front woman and vocalist Josie. She performed at The Lamb earlier in March and the results speak for themselves. Have a listen. There is also sets from Tamsin Whinton and Ellen Cox, check all these out, as I feel they cast the venue and our nights in a good light.

Thank you Gareth, look forward to working again in the future.

Sophomore gig cancelled / 6th form gig / live recordings…

Buggeration, but Alex Sears from Decade / Sophomore has unfortunately, had to cancel his appearance at The Lamb tomorrow night, due to an injury at work.

I was super looking forward to that show, but the silver lining is we now, no longer clash with the Devizes 6th Form gig at the Rugby Club on London Road. 

5 acts are performing the 6th Form gig, including Jamie Coupe, who was due to play 2 shows in one night. You can find out the full details on the official Facebook page >OVER HERE<.  OR this one… 

One little thing though – If you read an interview with Decade about how hard it is for a touring band, just to fill up their van, then you can point the finger at Alex, as I had always said to him, and intended to time the show prior to one of their tours, so they can make it financially more beneficial!

The offers still there dude, but perhaps next time, I’ll wait for you to ask rather than nag you into playing 😉 


Local scene newbie, Gareth Nicholas, has been to a few shows now and recorded them. I’ve heard the results of the last gig, She Makes War + Josie Ghost, and to say they are incredible is an understatement. They will be put up soon for your aural dissection, but I promise you’ll be impressed!   

New mobile studio available

Let me introduce to you Gareth Nicholas, a Bromham based recording and studio engineer.

Gareth has recently moved to Devizes and has set up a mobile recording facility, aiming to help local musicians lay down demos, proper recordings or even live recordings from a session or at a gig – meaning he can come to you in your own practise space, garage or studio of your choice – Hell, even a front room – he’ll work anywhere.

I have already teamed up with him, over a live recording to break his duck and show everyone who cares to listen what he is capable of. He has a history of live performance and studied music at college and uni, so you know you’re in good hands.

You can hear two songs on my soundcloud, by recent performer ELLEN COX, enjoy!