Tim Wheeler in Marlborough, Jimmy Moore in Devizes

Sound Knowledge (the guys we did the Computers show co-pro with earlier this year) are proud to announce that TIM WHEELER from ASH will be promoting his début solo album by performing a FREE ENTRY gig, Monday night at the Azuza Cafe in Marlborough. 

Doors are 6.30 with the performance scheduled for 7pm. Entry is free, but if you intend to buy the album, please, please buy it from Sound Knowledge that evening (there will be plenty of copies) and you will have an opportunity to meet and great Tim and get your copy signed after his performance. Check out the Facebook page >HERE<

This is the second time Tim has been in Wiltshire for acoustic sessions, after Ash premièred their fifth studio album, Twilight Of The Innocents, in 2007, also at Sound Knowledge.

We were also at that performance and it was intimate. I drove our lot up from Devizes and forced them to listen to the first album from electro-poppers Oppenheimer, of which Tim featured on the track Orchid. I wore my Jetplane Landing t-shirt and despite being 24 I totally fan-boyed at Tim saying I had a cool shirt. 

If I’m being completely honest, it was a calculated move. I knew he would know them, as Jetplane Landings front man Andrew Ferris is the CEO of Small Town America, the label who put out the Oppenheimer album. Cynical? Perhaps, but I meant it sincerely. 

If I wanted to do that again, I’d wear an Emperor Yes! t-shirt on Monday, as Ash Gardiner from Emperor Yes! has done some recording work with Ash, and performed for me in Swindon recently, but I think once is enough. 

Needless to say, it’s going to be a really cool, busy affair – Kudos for Sound Knowledge for maintaining an enviable level of high profile acts coming to their store. This really is something to consider and support in the Wiltshire music scene. 

WE continue with regular live music at The Lamb in Devizes this Friday too, with Swindon’s Jimmy Moore, popping through as part of his “Good Times” South West tour. Support comes from Jack Moore and recent, impressive débutante Blossom Bowes. I believe entry is £2 / a donation to Jimmy and doors will be 8pm. 

Check out that events Facepage >HERE<.

AND finally…. Listen to this kick ass version of Jack Moore’s song, I Capsize from his Soundcloud.




The Lamb is getting a facelift

Eek! The once humble, Parisian style mood of the venue is being given a facelift this week by Jonn King – He has already completed the stairwell, hall and downstairs toilets, while the main work in the function room comes next week – sneak pics below!

BUT DON’T PANIC the front bar, main toilets and smoking area / garden remain unchanged.

The function room looks set to lose it’s oddly shaped tables and random assortment of chairs, for a more uniform layout. The new lick of paint was certainly needed and I hope give a cleaner impression!

I’ll also have this ace little booth to store my kit in, and look dead professional and what not to stand behind. The first show AFTER the work looks set to be Friday 9th May, the Devizes Festival acoustic showcase, which features Barney Goodall among others! >check that out here<

You’ll all get the chance to see what work has been done TOMORROW evening, when Gaz Brookfield comes to town. Free entry from 8pm.

In other news, we have a massive show to announce Friday, so please keep your eyes peeled in the usual spaces. And a big shout out to Gnarwolves who have been upgraded to the main stage at this years Reading Festival, well done lads.

The Lamb Stairwell


Stairwell (leading into function room)


The Lamb downstairs toilet


The downstairs / wheelchair toilet

Sheer Music receives Civic Award.

Most of you will already know, so I had better make haste and mention it for everyone else, to avoid being accused of banging on about it. Last Tuesday, I received a letter from count. Elanor Oddy of Devizes TC, informing me of being nominated and awarded a Civic Award for “Services for the People”. 

This was a nomination made by a local musician and friend, Tim Henley, who wanted to recognise the 10 years of effort, put into organising, promoting and raising the profile of the Devizes Music scene. 

This came as a surprise, as I can only vaguely remember the concept of Civic awards and wasn’t really something that was at all on my radar. Still needless to say, it’s a great opportunity to once again raise the profile of local live music in Devizes and what we do, to a much wider group of people.

I’ll be gladly accepting this award, in the spirit in which it is given, at a Mayoral drinks evening on Thursday 24th April in  the Town Hall in St Johns Street at 6.45pm. Anyone wishing to come and witness this municipal event are welcome to, though directly after the reception there will be a coincidentally timed gig by GAZ BROOKFIELD in The Lamb, directly opposite, which is where the real party will be happening! 

So please come, drink and be merry – Let’s start celebrating The Lamb, and Sally King. Say thanks to Tim for the nomination in the first place, welcome back Gaz Brookfield and a string of excellent supports and continue ploughing this furrow, which has now become my life. 

Yesterday Chris Palmer said to me, “in 20 years time, you’ll be running this town (culturally)”. I’d like to think in 20 years I’d be returning to this town, but in any event, Devizes has singularly been the most consistent and interesting musical place in Wiltshire for a decade. And for that all I can thank, is you. 

Check out this Thursdays Gazette & Herald for an article about it, a picture taken by our one time dedicated photographer, Vicky Scipio, some ramshackle answers from me and a preview of the Gaz Brookfield gig! AND remember to pick up a copy of CRAMMER our local fanzine on Music & the Arts from Devizes Books. 

Devizes festival Battle Of The Bands

For the 7th year running, I will be presenting the Devizes Festival Showcase event, where we get the best up and coming acts in the area, and whack them all in the Corn Exchange, across multiple stages. This year however, I am handing over the organising, booking and running duties to the excellent ABE JUGGINS, who has been on of the best, most reliable promoters in the area for some time. 

We are super excited to announce that this years Showcase event will be a 3 stage affair, and FREE ENTRY. 

The top floor of the venue will be curated by me, via THE LAMB. The main hall stage head lined by our much loved, and well know Marlborough guests, THE VOOZ, which is sponsored by THE WAREHOUSE STUDIOSWhile in the basement, curated by Abe Juggins and sponsored by DNA we have guest head liners, BAND HEADCOUNT

The way the stages and battle works out, is fairly straight forward. Abe is running a clutch of shows throughout Fridays in May at The Bell By The Green. Each show will be booked with 4 or 5 new bands from in and around the area. If you wish to play any of these gigs, drop Abe Juggins a message.

Each heat, gives one “audience voted”, band to the final at the Corn Exchange on Friday 13th June, with the rest of the bill being hand picked from bands who have played our various gigs for the past 6 months. 

We basically want a good quality, entertaining line up, which you have some say over as a participating audience member!

You can find out everything else, including line ups etc over on Facebook (obviously…) facebook.com/events/729852800379732/


No end to the quality live entertainment in Devizes!

I hate to boast, but Devizes is a truly great place to be entertained right now! There seems to be no end of quality live performances on offer!

FRIDAY 28th FEBRUARY, will see Sheer Music’s first ever foray into uncharted blues territory, when Plymouth based “one man, blues trio” Thomas Ford comes to town. We wouldn’t normally go any where near the blues, what with having one of the finest promoters around in Ian Hopkins and his established venue The Long Street Blues Club, but this guy is so good, we had to take the risk. Prepare to be impressed!

You can read all about this guy in today’s (Thursday 27th) Gazette & Herald via the What’s On section, or check out on all the usual social media. (links on the Gigs tab, to your right!).

 Thomas will be performing in the front bar at The Lamb, in St Johns Street – We’re expecting a full house, to get in before 9pm to nab a good spot!

Oh, and did I mention entry is FREE?? Golly we are good to you! 

“The rising star of British blues” (www.rootscd.com)


9 – 9.45 – 1st Set
10 – 10.45 – 2nd Set

First great album of 2014 released

Whilst all the buzz around here is deservedly directed towards our friends in DECADE, I’d like to point you in the direction of Scottish singer songwriter, MARK McCABE, who released his album “A Good Way To Busy Bad News” this week on Cats? Aye! Records

We have had the pleasure of Mark’s performances twice in Devizes, once with the equally talented Oxygen Thief back in 2012 (and their ridiculously good tour poster!) and then again last year when he tumbled into town with the lovely Ellen Cox. Both times he was magnificent, his soft, unmistakably Scottish accent delivering songs that really feel like you’re listening to something more significant than simply a guy in a room. 

Songs such as Crutches and Join The Crowd, deliver with such thought provoking honesty that it’s easy to see why Mark has gained a decent buzz and reputation, not to mention the constant touring. (He’s currently off in Europe with the previously mentioned Ellen Cox) 

The album was recorded on days off, over a 6 month period, with Mark recording most of the parts himself. This is not so much a remarkable feat, but it impresses me all the same that an independent act can part time record an album and deliver something as professional and great sounding as this. 

I have a firm belief that this record will sit in the end of year lists, probably along with Decade and if you got 5 minutes I suggest you go and have a listen via his Bandcamp. (and download the name-your-price previous efforts too!) 

Check out this live recording from when he played Devizes last,  which I’m very proud of because it came out so well for a simple line out desk recording. I hope to bring him back to The Lamb / Devizes / Wiltshire at some point this year too.

Sorry for slow and lack of updates, I have a week off, sorting myself out and hope to get a good few things organised and advertised! Remember to follow us on Twitter @Sheer_Music and Instagram /Sheer_Music. I am also in the laborious process of writing, in as much detail as possible, our history since we started in 2004. I hope it will be a fun read! 

Ian James announces 2 tribute shows!

Ian James, promoter of the Corn Exchange, has announced two tribute shows for spring 2014.

The first of the two shows, on Friday 7th February will be a Madness tribute band, called BADNESS. Tickets priced £8 will be available direct from Ian at Light & Sound in Albion Place, Devizes, on line at WeGotTickets or £10 on the door.

With the second show following on Friday 11th April being a tribute to AC/DC, with a band called HELLS BELLS. Tickets also priced at £8 available from Ian, WeGotTickets or £10 on the door. 

Shows are 18+, doors of 9pm, with each band playing 1 set, containing all the kits – It’ll be like watching the real thing!

Check in on Ian via his Facebook page, and see what he’s up to…

Another Jock’ comes to town

Devizes is getting good at this – Appealing to touring acts, who are willing to travel vast distances to play our quaint little town. After last weeks short-notice, unexpected addition of Mark McCabe (It’s OK, we were more than happy to have him back, after his excellent previous performance on Oxygen Thief’s 2012 tour) we have the pleasure of inviting fellow Scott’ Dave Hughes And The Renegade Folk Punk Band, to town.

In fact, it was our offer that prompted Dave to book a tour around our date, so we’re super proud to have given this tour a life of it’s own – and as usual it takes in some great cities, and we are once again the smallest town on tour. 

“With clear shades of The Pogues, The La’s and Springsteen, they are clearly doing it right” Say Kerrang! so who are we to argue? Dave will be bringing a band with him, perhaps not a full band but a typical Lamb style stripped back band we’ve seen from the likes of Mick O’ Toole and Crazy Arm recently.

This is folk music firmly rooted in punk, often with a story to tell. A little bit of thought-provoking social commentary to it’s lyrics, shows Dave to be an intelligent and articulate song writer. 

Support for the night is BAND OF THE UNDERHAND. Featuring Pete Assirati and Dave Earl in it’s ranks – these lot are the perfect foil for the head liners. A real muso band, the members can count a history of working with the likes of Squeeze et al’ – They’re not a band you will want to miss! 

Opening the night will be recent USA bound singer song writer, LUKE DE-SCISCIO. Luke was lucky enough to be spotted performing, then hand picked to perform at a Jeff Buckley celebratory event in NYC! Luke was flying the flag for local music, since he’s only from Bath, with a brief tour and playing this now yearly event, to mourn the passing of Jeff. Those with a keen memory will remember Chip Daddy reworking one of Luke’s old songs? If not you can re-watch it >here< Otherwise, you may like to know that Luke is an ethereal type singer songwriter. Delicate, whispers over fragile guitars – a genuine experience!

Doors 8pm. 

8 – 8.30pm – opener…..
8.45 – 9.15 – Luke De-Sciscio
9.30 – 10pm – Band Of The Underhand

10.15 – 11pm – DAVE HUGHES and the renegade folk punk band

Dave Hughes

Change of venue for SPECTRES show…

SPECTRES, the awesome Bristol based and Howling Owl signed indie-noise-racket are playing Devizes on Friday September 27th. 

Originally booked for another venue, we’ve had to move the show to THE MOONRAKERS, on Nursteed road. Line up still looks rad though, with Salute The Magpie, Marabou Stalk and Audio Puppy completing the line up. 

@ THE MOONRAKERS, Nursteed Road
16+ // £2 otd. // 7.30pm – Midnight.

Doors 7.30

8 – 8.30 – Marabou Stalk
8.45 – 9.15 – Audiopuppy
9.30 – 10 – Salute The Magpie
10.15 – 11pm – SPECTRES

Here’s a live video of what to expect from our head liners… If you want the press release, drop me a line.