Another Jock’ comes to town

Devizes is getting good at this – Appealing to touring acts, who are willing to travel vast distances to play our quaint little town. After last weeks short-notice, unexpected addition of Mark McCabe (It’s OK, we were more than happy to have him back, after his excellent previous performance on Oxygen Thief’s 2012 tour) we have the pleasure of inviting fellow Scott’ Dave Hughes And The Renegade Folk Punk Band, to town.

In fact, it was our offer that prompted Dave to book a tour around our date, so we’re super proud to have given this tour a life of it’s own – and as usual it takes in some great cities, and we are once again the smallest town on tour. 

“With clear shades of The Pogues, The La’s and Springsteen, they are clearly doing it right” Say Kerrang! so who are we to argue? Dave will be bringing a band with him, perhaps not a full band but a typical Lamb style stripped back band we’ve seen from the likes of Mick O’ Toole and Crazy Arm recently.

This is folk music firmly rooted in punk, often with a story to tell. A little bit of thought-provoking social commentary to it’s lyrics, shows Dave to be an intelligent and articulate song writer. 

Support for the night is BAND OF THE UNDERHAND. Featuring Pete Assirati and Dave Earl in it’s ranks – these lot are the perfect foil for the head liners. A real muso band, the members can count a history of working with the likes of Squeeze et al’ – They’re not a band you will want to miss! 

Opening the night will be recent USA bound singer song writer, LUKE DE-SCISCIO. Luke was lucky enough to be spotted performing, then hand picked to perform at a Jeff Buckley celebratory event in NYC! Luke was flying the flag for local music, since he’s only from Bath, with a brief tour and playing this now yearly event, to mourn the passing of Jeff. Those with a keen memory will remember Chip Daddy reworking one of Luke’s old songs? If not you can re-watch it >here< Otherwise, you may like to know that Luke is an ethereal type singer songwriter. Delicate, whispers over fragile guitars – a genuine experience!

Doors 8pm. 

8 – 8.30pm – opener…..
8.45 – 9.15 – Luke De-Sciscio
9.30 – 10pm – Band Of The Underhand

10.15 – 11pm – DAVE HUGHES and the renegade folk punk band

Dave Hughes


Local act to perform at Jeff Buckley NYC Tribute show

Long time Sheer favourite, LUKE DE-SCISCIO was very pleased to announce earlier this month that he has been invited to head to New York in November, to perform at the most significant Jeff Buckley tribute show in the world. 

Held at the legendary NYC venue, ARLENE’s GROCERY, further details are yet to be released, but we’re proud and pleased as punch that one our West Country gems has been hand picked to play such a significant show. 

Luke is currently trying to book further dates to support this gig, and make the most of the opportunity – If you know anyone that can help with gigs, drop Luke a message on his Facebook

Check out this new song, and then look back through his back catalogue on Soundcloud, Luke has an immensely impressive history.

Luke returns to The Lamb, Devizes on Friday November 22nd, after his *hopefully* triumphant American jaunt. He will be main support to Scotland’s DAVE HUGHES & THE RENEGADE FOLK PUNK BAND. 

Local showcase tomorrow night…

An all local music affair heads up at The Lamb in St Johns Street, Devizes tomorrow night, Friday 2nd August, as we continue our rich vein of form with TAMSIN WHINTON making her first headline slot.

Tamsin has worked her way up on bills with loads of Devizes based musicians and national acts such as Antonio Lulic, She Makes War and Josie Ghost. Having worked her way through Swindon and more recently Bristol, Tamsin is really shaping up to be a Southwest Gem. 

Support comes from the equally impressive LUKE DE-SCISCIO, who hasn’t played Devizes for a while. His atmospheric songs and singing bring a young Nick Drake to mind, Luke would really suit the Parisien café style event. Class.

More support comes from regular Lamb type, CORKY (video below) whilst the opener will be Sasquatch Walk  front man, MAX CURTIS performing under his solo name I AM THE SEA. 

Doors 8pm

8.30 – 9 – I AM THE SEA
9.15 – 9.45 – Corky 
10 – 10.30 – Luke De-Sciscio 
10.45 – 11.15 – TAMSIN WHINTON


Luke De-Sciscio quits Dollrats and goes it alone

Once upon a time, Luke De-Sciscio was a gypsy folk troubadour, whom I met on Marilliam’s Wiltshire Introducing session – I instantly fell in love with his Buckley’isms, and his relaxed pace. His duets with Audrey Aroha were seamless and breathtaking 

He then joined Bath based indie rock band, The Dollrats – a band who came out of no where for me, after falling in love with members previous band Camera Culture, at any rate I always felt like The Dollrats, however good they were, stole 2 of my favourite local acts. 

Well as of last week, Luke has once again decided to tread his own path, and left both his management and his band. This isn’t necessarily good news, as it’s always sad to lose a good quality, tight band – and the Dollrats were good. But it’s nice to have a talent such as Luke once again on the scene. 

To read the official cause for his leaving, and keep up to date with Luke, check out his FACEPAGE

Introducing… Audrey Aroha

The artist previous known as Audrey Aroha Tietz has dropped the Tietz from her name. The first in a series of bold moves which will see her change her name again to a modest logo, before returning as The Artist Previously Known As…

This was a wise move, as our lot was always disagreeing how it was pronounced, and on more than one occasion it would of bought blushes to our grandparents, not to mention faux pas on local radio…

Audrey has launch a new Facebook page, you can check it here. Whilst the good people at The Wounded Jukebox are about to release a free digital download through their site for Audrey’s track “I Could Not Feel More Than I Do Now”  which you can listen to below.

Audrey has recorded this song as a duet with her other half, Luke De-Sciscio (what is it with these mid-Wiltshire types & their surnames?) who recently hit the web as guest vocals to Chip Daddy’s Halloween Rap, thus proving his unique appeal and range.

Sheer Music will be providing Audrey with a stage in 2012 at one venue or another in Devizes, so do keep you eye on local listings for your chance to see her perform live.

Audrey Aroha “I Could Not Feel More Than I Do Now”

Luke De-Sciscio + Audrey Aroha Tietz team up on record!

Handsome Swindon / Bath based singer song writer type, Luke De-Sciscio has teamed up with the loveable folky type and Seend starlet Audrey Aroha Tietz to take on Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser’s beautiful song All Flowers In Time.

On paper that’s quite a challenge they have set them selves, thank god then both have been gigging hard across the West recently, with appearances at B Festival and Seend Folk Festival booked in, along with numerous shows in venues in the area under their belts to back it up.

You can check out their collaboration via Luke’s official Soundcloud, here.

Luke how ever also has a number of free downloads worthy of checking out, specifically Somewhere God Can’t Follow and When Your heart Is Free also from his Soundcloud, via these links, God and Heart.

We can’t rate these two highly enough – both have really classic, strong vintage vibes about their sound. Definitely drawing influences from the past and giving it a modern, attractive face. You can check out a wee Youtube video below – enjoy.