Trowbridge Arts Centre residency announced


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20 year anniversary of Kurt Cobains death – Our homage.

Friday 4th April represents the 20 year anniversary eve of Kurt Cobains untimely death. Not a date you would typically want to celebrate, so consider this show more an acknowledgement of everything Nirvana achieved and gave us, and everything they were and would have continued to be.As we plough headlong into our 10th year of promoting in Devizes, we find our selves back at The Bell By The Green, one of our most regular haunts. We typically don’t do tribute shows, but this is too significant an anniversary to miss, and let’s be honest, a good Nirvana show will be a lot of fun. 

It takes guts to want to even perform live, as a tribute to a band who changed the face of music, who were a voice of a generation, it takes a whole new level of something to actually go and record a cover of said band, especially given the force and nature of Nirvana’s fans. They are a dedicated and fussy bunch. 
So, it’s with great pleasure that I announce that we have captured one of the UK’s finest tributes to Nirvana. KIRVANA come from Shropshire, that’s a fair old way to play for us. We could of got a much closer band, but as promoters it’s our job to bring the most authentic tribute bands to town and with Kirvana that is just what we have done. 
The band use the same vintage guitars and amps, that Nirvana used – To specifically capture the true sound of the band, if they sound this good live next Friday, I will be a very happy punter indeed. 

Support for the evening comes from a Devizes legend, Gary Martin and his band Audio Puppy, who will provide an authentic grunge sound, along with an alternative DJ, playing all the best rock and alternative music from the 90’s. 

Tickets are priced £10 advance from Devizes Books or WeGotTickets, or £15 on the door! This event is strictly 16+.

Doors 8pm.
8 – 9pm – Grunge & 90’s alternative DJ.
9 – 9.30pm – Audio Puppy

10 – 11.30pm – KIRVANA
Please join our Mailing list… We have a big tour announcement to make on April 2nd.>>>MAIL CHIP<<<

St Marys Art Centre, Devizes – Make this dream real.

You may have seen in the local community the proposed usage of St Mary Church in New Park Street? You can read about it on their website –

This is a really exciting and massive opportunity for all of us in Devizes, get this right and we can have a purpose built, dedicated, permanent events venue like Salisbury Arts Centre in our town. Get it wrong, and we end up with nothing, or worse, another Assize Courts.

Next Thursday, the 24th October St Mary’s Trust (the trust behind this venture) have a meeting with planners at, Devizes School from 6pm – which anyone and everyone is invited to come and show their support, to hear what both trust committee and the planners have to say. 

If you have even the slightest passing interest, or perhaps are a bit nosey, I encourage you all to come and listen to the debate. Every body that turns up, is positive proof that we want this in our town, and I really want this in our town

Please sign up to the news letter on the St Mary’s Trust website. Please get involved, simply having a poster in your shop / house / car is enough to distribute the support. Or email in to Tony Scorer at to voice your thoughts and support. 

I have written an outline proposal to how I would use the venue in the future, and it obviously is based around the music, but a venue like this will be able to offer a lot more. Please get behind it!


Updates all round!

1) First business of order, Friday nights shit hot punk / metal show at The Bell. It was a long time coming, but Roads To Nowhere finally played town again, even with a new line up, they absolutely nailed it. Circle pits and walls of death all round. Well done.

Orcryst opened that show to much the same crowd participation straight from the off! A big shout out to their drummer for playing the best set I’;ve seen him  play. Taught and professional – he really looked like he was pushing himself, and having fun.

Had Deliverence, played a different bill or to a more rock crowd, I believe their almost LostAlone style riffs would of impressed anyone – I was certainly impressed with the slightly new direction!

It was left to BROKEN JAW to finish the show, and they turned an already happy, bouncy crowd into a Fucking PARTY. Front man, with a wireless mic – often an over indulgence in such a small venue, was put to good effect with him standing, and sitting on tables all over the room, sitting perched a top chairs on tables, in fact climbing anything that he could muster. He even stripped down to the bare essentials and got the crowd to put money in his briefs. I shit you not – this one was superb performance.

The only thing that band lack is a studio recording, and I’m telling you now, that début is going to Rock.

2) OK in other news, three time scene hitter and friend Mr Francis Turner who was looking to #BurstTheBuble with his 5th studio album and reach the top of the album charts on Sunday, didn’t quite manage top spot, but he did Smash Will.I.Am into second space!

My sincere congratulations Frank, I doubt anyone in the industry deserves the rewards as much as you!

3) There is a new Facebook group, entitled >Wiltshire Music Scene<, and can be used to advertise gigs, wanted band members – or members for sale, gear, meet ups – what ever – If it’s musical and it’s Wiltshire – Dive Right In!

That’s all I got for now… gah!

Local Xmas song round up!

Jake Assirati, tackling Chris Rea’s classic! Electric guitar in one take, fun!

Adam Crosland with his own, unique, original composition, the delightful tale of Santos, the Mexican Santa. 

Alex Sears AKA “Sophomore” – and his version of the Paul McCartney classic… Pop Punk Sing-a-long massive chorus!

Barney Goodall, of On Deaf Ears, with his pop / electronic project – another original.

And finally, Smile Look Alive’s pop punk, gang chant, break down version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. 

RESULT! From some of “our” bands…

First of all I would like to encourage this… Rock Shakes. Not new to all you cool kids, but I was rock shakin’ down The Furnace with Deliverence guitarist Mike Brown Saturday night, and rock shakes were the order of the day. A slow motion video exists some where. It looked rad. Rock Shake.

Secondly we have had some rad news from local and favourite what-ever-core crew, Roads To Nowhere, who won the penultimate heat of Live & Unsigned, in Reading.

The part Chippenham / Melksham / Wiltshire band slammed their heat winning “24 Carrot Gold for Most Original band and song” The 5 piece go on to play London’s O2 venue on July 14th in front of 1000’s of people.

We wish to congratulate them and offer them luck in the final – Head over to their facebook page to find out more info – as I’m sure they’ll be organising a mini-bus & day trip out to the show. And it’ll be some thing to witness.

Remember to catch Roads To Nowhere, 3 song unplugged session this Thursday on the Matthew Corbett session for Fantasy Radio, 97fm in mid-Wiltshire or on line at between 7-10pm. Drop in at 8.15 for session specifically.

Talking of things to witness, you need to check this out… After slaying Slam Dunk festival, Devizes / Melksham cum Bath based pop punk hardcore types have landed or just announced a tour with Save Your Breath and A Loss For Words – more pride for bands on our doorstep. And thoroughly deserved for a bunch of lads who never seem to stop working! Well done guys, you’ve done us proud again!