That was the weekend that was!

Christ, what an insane week in Music!

let’s start with last Saturday… Georgie Vale thumbed a lift up to Devizes with Bite The Buffalo to headline the Lamb in Devizes. BTB were simply amazing, discrediting any concern some would of had that their riffage couldn’t be done by two! It can, they did and a real decent crowd saw. Well done!

Georgie finally came good after a few false starts to recent gig offers, she has a lovely voice, which I didn’t really appreciate before, maybe it was because she was upstairs, and the crowd was more respectful? Anyway, just a great singer songwriter. I would love to see her Cinnamon Kings though now.

The Score had a fine set, probably their best for a good while. Heavier vocals were much better than their last outing, and a little more time spent on the levels meant they where much clearer! A few more shows and they will be nailing it. (Do check out their new myspace layout) But the show probably belonged to Oxygen Thief, who made the trip down from Bristol. His chunky fret bashing was cracking, and really offered the night something a bit different. He had an awesome crowd response too!

Downstairs in the front Audrey Aroha Tietz, proved that she can cut it in a louder front bar environment, but also showed that she is more suited to a subtler, quieter room. She was great how ever, and made a few more fans. Luke De-Sciscio fared a little worse. He was scheduled to be upstairs, but chose to play to the packed room. The problem was, they were rude bastards and spoke the entire time. He was great, an epic reaching vocal, with some gentle deft guitar work. Shame people didn’t pick up on it. His crowd control could be better, so if anything he must of gone away thinking how to get peoples attention better.

Opener Victoria Burt played a wonderful set of covers and really messed with them. Her La Roux + MGMT covers going down especially well. She sticks a folk edge to it, yet retaining the original pop vibe. Cool. Shame she kept saying how she didn’t want to be there, or doing it between every song, as we loved it!

Malmesbury based head liner Corky was as fun and dependable as ever, He launched right into Jump Around, and continued for a further 45 minutes, which the pub lapped up again!

We struggled overall since a lot of regulars were away watching football, which failed epically. So win for us, and a big loss for everyone else.

Sunday night took me to Semmington, which the previously mentioned Audrey Aroha Tietz father. We nailed a lovely beer festival music all dayer thingy in Semmington. The weather held out and we were treated to Train To Skaville, who featured one bassist from Electric Trash. She led the line beautifully, and by all accounts this band are hitting the Devizes beer festival in August, so do check them out. The party was stolen somewhat by a band called Surfin’ Turnips, who were a 3 chord punk band from Bristol who played Cider + Wurzels influenced punk stories. They are often literally songs picked up in pubs, and feature melodies laid down by our grandparents. They were stunning. And I don’t often say that, especially about 3 chord punk. Do Check Out.

Then Thursday hit. WHAT A NIGHT!

So so much went down. First was the Bloodstock Battle of The Bands FINAL at Riffs Bar, Hook. – and as finals go, this was proper exciting. Roads To Nowhere, who I was rooting for, finished around 3rd, with out of town Unknown Fear taking the winning slot. The big drama of the night was local lads, In The Absence Of Light finishing 2nd for the 5th year running. How does that even happen? They are a great band, and nailed their set, and you would of thought, had the bulk of the support! Unlucky lads, you will get the recognition someday, don’t lose faith. You’re rad.

The same night served up Devizes cock rock revivalists White Knuckle Bride playing support to Thin Lizzy at Swindon’s M.E.C.A.. The band went down really well by all accounts, though I wasn’t there to witness. I can’t imagine what it would of been like to play with a band of that statue and musical heritage, on a stage that big, to an audience that large! Sweet things guys!

On this same night we had the opening Fringe Event for Devizes Festival, featuring 90’s indie legends Dodgy – their front man came to town to bang out some oldies, and some newies. Nigel played Swindon a while back, and I asked Ian Hopkins to consider him for the fringe event. Low and behold following up ex front man, Tom Hingley and Miles Hunt, we had a night of guaranteed fun and frolics. He of course delivered Good Enough, Home Grown and personal favourite Staying Out For The Summer to great appreciation.

It was a crazy ass end to a crazy ass week for me. I am shattered. Good night.