TENDRIL release début EP

Devizes classic rockers, TENDRIL, who won the Devizes Festival Showcase back in June, have used their studio time / money prize to cut their first demo which is released TODAY via their bandcamp.


The 5 track EP which is jovially called Tendril Loving Care, was recorded by Gareth Nicholas, a relatively new comer to our scene. You will have heard a lot of Gareth’s live recordings on the Sheer Music Soundcloud previously, but this is the first time Gareth has been able to record locally, in any sense of studio quality, at The Warehouse rehearsal space. I reckon he’s worth tapping up for your own recording.

This EP is being given the release show treatment on Friday 29th November, at The Bell By The Green, Devizes. You can find out more on that on the Facebook event page. This head line show has been a long time coming for the band, who burst onto the scene only 17 months ago, when they performed the Devizes Festival showcase in 2012, their first ever live performance, under their previous name, Orcryst. You can see a Youtube video of that, here.


Orcryst change name and hit studio…

For the past 19 months the band name ORCRYST has been synonymous with the new generation of local metal – Sunday prompted the next stage of the band, as they announce the change of name and prepared themselves to hit the studio Monday morning, to record their first multi tracked, fully fledged EP.  

The new name will be TENDRIL – which in botany, relates to the specialised stems of wall / climbing plants. You can continue to look at the original Facebook page, which is >Here< for your convenience. The guys are recording with new-to-the-scene mobile recording engineer, Gareth Nicholas, which many will know since he has already recorded a lot of my live shows. These can be found on his Soundcloud (link at the bottom.)

The as yet untitled EP, will potentially feature 5 tracks and as many people know, lack any vocals. The band have financed this recording by winning the Devizes Festival Battle Of The Bands (Showcase) event back in June.

Since they’re suing so much of my gear for the recording process, I popped into the studio at lunch time to check in on the progress, and managed to get a few shots, on my terrible, Terrible, Blackberry phone…

Word is the band will wrap up tomorrow lunch time, before Gareth gets on with the final mixes before mastering. Details for listening will be due in due course!

Gareth WarehouseGareth looking mobile there…

Orcryst WarehouseThe band performing in silence, as we track the drums… 


Jon Amor set to support Metal band…

I thought that titled might draw more people in than, ORCRYST raise money for charity, and let’s be honest, it worked, Right?

Friday 5th July will see Devizes lads, Orcryst host their own event, and head line for the first time as they look to raise money to fund a trip to Kenya to work on local projects. 

More info on that can be found on the Facebook event page.

Tickets are £4 adv from Devizes Books (follow them on Twitter @JoDevizesBooks) or pick up on the door for £5. 

Support comes from the one and only, Devizes head boy JON AMORPlease note he is playing solo and not with the Blues Group, as stated on the poster. With the night being opened by, and I quote in the words of Frank Turner “Some kind of local legend…” Claire Kearley, doing her duo show with Tom Harris.

Doors 7.30pm in the function room of, The Bell By The Green, Devizes. Tel: 01380 723746

Show starts at 8pm. 

Here’s the Orcryst Demo I recorded…


New Model Army sell out / Orcryst recording

Devizes Festival 2013’s BIG prize pig show, NEW MODEL ARMY has SOLD OUT. 

Tickets have sold consistently strong since release in May, with an unprecedented level of feedback having been headed my way, ever since the shows announcement.  

The full 400 tickets have now been sold, meaning not only do we have a class act in town, but also a class audience, with people from all over the country making the trip. This show is extra special as former bassist Moose Harris, a born and bred Devizes lad, cancelled holidays plans to be at the gig. 

After 3 or 4 years of begging the festival to revert to on line ticket sales, and the appointment of chairman and kindred spirit in Ian Hopkins, I feel very  much vindicated by the use of WeGotTickets and the effect it’s had on this years attendances at events.

Not only that, but I have the pleasure of announcing that young Devizes metal band ORCRYST, have won the £200 studio voucher to record their first proper demo, after appearing and impressing at the Devizes Showcase. 

Recording will be carried out in mid-August, with new local producer Gareth Nicholas (Garethnicholas.org). Gareth recently relocated to Wiltshire from Leicester after studying recording and production at university and has recorded a number of Sheer shows, of which you can hear the results below. 

Full details over the EP are yet to be revealed – since we don’t know them our selves!  

Updates all round!

1) First business of order, Friday nights shit hot punk / metal show at The Bell. It was a long time coming, but Roads To Nowhere finally played town again, even with a new line up, they absolutely nailed it. Circle pits and walls of death all round. Well done.

Orcryst opened that show to much the same crowd participation straight from the off! A big shout out to their drummer for playing the best set I’;ve seen him  play. Taught and professional – he really looked like he was pushing himself, and having fun.

Had Deliverence, played a different bill or to a more rock crowd, I believe their almost LostAlone style riffs would of impressed anyone – I was certainly impressed with the slightly new direction!

It was left to BROKEN JAW to finish the show, and they turned an already happy, bouncy crowd into a Fucking PARTY. Front man, with a wireless mic – often an over indulgence in such a small venue, was put to good effect with him standing, and sitting on tables all over the room, sitting perched a top chairs on tables, in fact climbing anything that he could muster. He even stripped down to the bare essentials and got the crowd to put money in his briefs. I shit you not – this one was superb performance.

The only thing that band lack is a studio recording, and I’m telling you now, that début is going to Rock.

2) OK in other news, three time scene hitter and friend Mr Francis Turner who was looking to #BurstTheBuble with his 5th studio album and reach the top of the album charts on Sunday, didn’t quite manage top spot, but he did Smash Will.I.Am into second space!

My sincere congratulations Frank, I doubt anyone in the industry deserves the rewards as much as you!

3) There is a new Facebook group, entitled >Wiltshire Music Scene<, and can be used to advertise gigs, wanted band members – or members for sale, gear, meet ups – what ever – If it’s musical and it’s Wiltshire – Dive Right In!

That’s all I got for now… gah!

First supports added to Devizes showcase…

BOOM and there goes the dynamite.

Abe Juggins has announce the first two local acts opening up at the DEVIZES SHOWCASE, and they will be, still-so-new-they-only-just-released-their-first-demo metal band ORCRYST (see below for said demo…) and a band who’ve been around for a while, but gone through so many ups and downs and changes, they’re practically a new band… ROADS TO NOWHERE. Knowing that’s how that stage is shaping up, is pretty sick. It’s going to be heavy!

With me in the main hall, I have announced Trowbridges finest, NATHAN DETROIT – who have had one of the best 12 months of any band, given their recent supports of Rat Attack, Gnarwolves and As We Sink! and delivering their first proper self titled EP. I also have the pleasure to confirm, after their incendiary performance at The Lamb last Friday, THE CITY LIGHTS will be all over this. It would be silly to miss out a band with such talent and performance ability. Already a hit on Fantasy radio, and following in the footsteps of Jon Amor and Bite The Buffalo, I’m tipping them for a fantastic next 12 months.

Tickets are £6 available from Devizes books from May the 1st, you can catch most of these bands in and around Devizes, so check them all out.

Orcryst – début live demo

Local, Devizes metal band, ORCRYST have recorded their first live, demo session, at The Warehouse Studio’s. On Sunday night, they recorded 3 songs, The Island Of Steel, Song 3 and Beast Makers. 

Plans to record a more elaborate session are in place for a few weeks time, but session is a good introduction to the band, giving you an idea of their sound. 

Check out the recordings here, on Sheer Music’s Soundcloud, and don’t forget to follow! 

Metal night smashes it

Last night bared witness to the first show back at The Bell, since the change of ownership – now there could be a correlation or perhaps a coincidence but last night was an extreme success.

Over 100 people made the trip out, despite the rain to see Abe Juggins first show in The Bell this year and the first time Deliverence have played in Devizes in over a year, thus proving the fact I’ve believed for a long while now, that Abe is the best metal promoter in the area. Like me, Abe clearly has a passion for live music – unlike me he knows the ins and outs of the metal scene – having been promoting how own shows for the best part of 4 or 5 years, he know what works and what doesn’t and has built up a level of respect among his peers.

This is fantastic news, as I always felt my heavy shows were lacking in some way, I ultimately didn’t have the understanding or the heart – but between Abe and I, we easily have the best music scene between Swindon and Bristol – both our words!

Abe’s next show, though not 100% officially out there yet (is it Abe?) is scheduled to be Saturday 10th November in the same venue – the line up set to include Warminster’s From Ruin, a début show for HOMELAND. and our favourite ball of angry energy, Joe Ollerhead’s Black Sanctuary. <head over to our gigs tab for more info>

As usual in this day and age, keep up to date on line via our respective Facebook pages SHEER MUSICDELIVERENCE and on twitter @sheer_music.

Ohh, green strings… ORCRYST shredding last night.

Metal night looms…

NOT to be out done,  the magnificent ABE JUGGINS, drummer of Deliverence, is putting on his own show this Friday, AND making it free entry.

Abe has picked a fantastic line up, featuring début local shows for noise mongers, Observation Deck – featuring one Gary Martin of Fog Band and Smog Monster fame, along with Trowbridges “bone crushing” metallers Defy The Fall.

Deliverence themselves will be playing their first show in Devizes for over a year, and completing the line up is Orcryst, the band who stole the show at this years Devizes Showcase.

For free entry, you won’t ever get better value than a show like this – Doors are 7 until 11pm. 16+. If this show goes well, expect to see more gigs at The Bell under new landlord Eddie – so be sure to “vote with your feet” for this one, to ensure the future of the gigs!


New metal night(s) in Devizes.

Abe Juggins, the extremely motivated drummer in local thrash band Deliverence, has announced a new, regular metal night in Devizes.

Abe, who has run shows in Calne at the football club and his own festival called Metalathon for the past two years, has been given the first Saturday in every month at The Bell By The Green.

This marks a turn up for the books, as new landlord Eddie Schofield wants to correct the image that his stewardship wouldn’t encourage music. Eddie has provided music at his previous pubs and clubs, and will continue to do so in some shape or form at The Bell.

Abe’s first event is scheduled for Friday 5th October, but will revert to the Saturdays from November, and will feature DELIVERENCE, new local band, ORCRYST, some what local legend Gary Martin, and his new noise duo, THE OBSERVATION DECK + more TBC.

The opening show will be free entry, 16+ and run between 7-11pm. If you’re into metal, then this is going to be the night for you.

Check out Abe’s Official Facebook event page HERE.

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