Tim Wheeler in Marlborough, Jimmy Moore in Devizes

Sound Knowledge (the guys we did the Computers show co-pro with earlier this year) are proud to announce that TIM WHEELER from ASH will be promoting his début solo album by performing a FREE ENTRY gig, Monday night at the Azuza Cafe in Marlborough. 

Doors are 6.30 with the performance scheduled for 7pm. Entry is free, but if you intend to buy the album, please, please buy it from Sound Knowledge that evening (there will be plenty of copies) and you will have an opportunity to meet and great Tim and get your copy signed after his performance. Check out the Facebook page >HERE<

This is the second time Tim has been in Wiltshire for acoustic sessions, after Ash premièred their fifth studio album, Twilight Of The Innocents, in 2007, also at Sound Knowledge.

We were also at that performance and it was intimate. I drove our lot up from Devizes and forced them to listen to the first album from electro-poppers Oppenheimer, of which Tim featured on the track Orchid. I wore my Jetplane Landing t-shirt and despite being 24 I totally fan-boyed at Tim saying I had a cool shirt. 

If I’m being completely honest, it was a calculated move. I knew he would know them, as Jetplane Landings front man Andrew Ferris is the CEO of Small Town America, the label who put out the Oppenheimer album. Cynical? Perhaps, but I meant it sincerely. 

If I wanted to do that again, I’d wear an Emperor Yes! t-shirt on Monday, as Ash Gardiner from Emperor Yes! has done some recording work with Ash, and performed for me in Swindon recently, but I think once is enough. 

Needless to say, it’s going to be a really cool, busy affair – Kudos for Sound Knowledge for maintaining an enviable level of high profile acts coming to their store. This really is something to consider and support in the Wiltshire music scene. 

WE continue with regular live music at The Lamb in Devizes this Friday too, with Swindon’s Jimmy Moore, popping through as part of his “Good Times” South West tour. Support comes from Jack Moore and recent, impressive débutante Blossom Bowes. I believe entry is £2 / a donation to Jimmy and doors will be 8pm. 

Check out that events Facepage >HERE<.

AND finally…. Listen to this kick ass version of Jack Moore’s song, I Capsize from his Soundcloud.




Live & Inconsolable: The Computers return to Wiltshire.

HOLY MOLY we’ve only gone and done it. Booked the most exciting rock n’ roll band in the UK right now THE COMPUTERS.

I thought this show was up the swanny after their rather excellent, in my opinion, agent Aisha Ali quit representing all her bands (except, Apologies, I Have None) earlier this year. I didn’t think we would pull this off, but after the bands stripped back performance in Marlborough last week for Record Store Day, I managed to collar the band again, was referred to their manager, and bang we’re back in business!

Aisha represented previous acts we’ve done shows for including CRAZY ARM and WOAHNOWS so it will be sad to see her move on, as most agents are such a bind, Aisha was one of the good ones. We wish her all the best, and regardless we now have The Computers actually coming to Wiltshire to unleash a full electric head line show on us, on Friday 4th July 2014, the day before they play Love Supreme Jazz Festival. 

For those who don’t know, The Computers kinda of mar 1950’s Rock n’ Roll with a little rock-a-billy and punk, all dressed up in sharp suits and quiff’s. Their live LP was one of the most sought after at this years Record Store Day too. 

We are proud to be doing this show, in association with Sound Knowledge of Marlborough too. It’s easily the best stocked record store in Wiltshire and probably the whole area. 

Support for the show comes from Bristol’s Scout Killers, and Swindon’s finest purveyors of alt. rock ALL EARS AVOW You can pick up a limited number of advance tickets direct from the venue and Sound Knowledge for £8 without a booking fee, or from WeGotTickets – http://www.wegottickets.com/event/271785. £10 on the door, subject to availability.  


Crammer 9 Fanzine available NOW!

Local Luddite and fanzine writer, Chris Palmer – has released issue 9 of the monthly arts, music and business fanzine CRAMMER

Still costing less than a Snickers, this months issue comes with reviews of Antonio Lulic and The Pink Torpedoes shows in Devizes last month, along with a preview of current Wharf Theatre production “Her Naked Skin“, which features one Matthew Corbett.

There’s the usual ranting and raving from various members of the local scene – Ian Hopkins does a nice bit on Long Street Blues Club, and Mark Smallman of Mick Jogger / Rolling Zones gets 10 questions shot at him. 

In fact, I’m rather impressed he manages to find so much to say and talk about the Devizes Music and Arts scene!

Pick it up form Devizes books today, it’s only 50p.

Oh, and here’s a video of The Computers at Sound Knowledge in Marlborough last Tuesdsay

In store’s – a great way to do business!

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of being at super cool indie record shop, Sound Knowledge of Marlborough – deep in the heart of Wiltshire.

I’ve been to a few of their in stores, notibly Ash, which I really enjoyed – but more often than not a lot of these in stores are acoustic and not as engaging as you might want them to be. The polite applause reserved for aoustic acts just doesn’t get you pumped for their next rock and roll album.

How ever, The Computers are not a band who appear to be able to do things by half, and whilst I don’t know if they were offered or asked to play acoustic, they certainly didn’t mess about with anything less than a full performance.

The new album, Love Triangles Hate Squares, is an explosion of 1950’s rock n’ roll, complete with quiffs and wobbly legs.  They played a full 30 plus minute set, and despite the early performance time and lack of support acts, you wouldn’t of been able to tell this apart from a normal show.

Front man, Alex was talking like an American soul preacher, about his brothers and sisters and the saviours of rock n’ roll and inbetween actually singing and playing, he was climbing anything he could.  Tables, chairs… the Bar…

Anyway, judging by the amount of people who turned up, I couldn’t help but feel had a local promoter booked them, and promoted them – would the turn out be as good? Was it because the show was at a reasonable time, free entry and the shop handels all their in store performances so well, that people wanted to get people out and physically BUY the record?

This is definitly the way to sell records and promote bands. There is nothing quite like the intimacy of a small venue, and as a crowd you feel like you’re watching something special. Top notch and well recieved – every label big or small, should encourage these sorts of bespoke events, we have some great indie stores like Rise Records, Raves From The Graves and Sound Knowledge and this is an easy and effective way of getting people through the door. Long may it continue and develope!

the computers #1