Exclusive Live Frank Turner download and album re-release.

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VERSES UK tour comes to Swindon.

After the shambles that was the Gnarwolves tour announcement cock up, that stated my show was in Swindon, when it was in fact in Salisbury… I am now able to bring you another nationally advertised UK tour, from Brighton pop punk band, VERSES.

The grumbles I read and received over the Gnarwolves kerfuffle should be rectified with this tasty tour, so Swindon it’s now your time to stand and be counted.

 “No longer just a promising band, Verses set themselves out as serious contenders” Review, ROCK SOUND

Brighton rock four piece VERSES have confirmed the release date for their highly anticipated album ‘Feel It Faster’ as May 26th, just 3 days before their tour opens at Swindon’s Victoria. Pre-order bundles are now available at versesband.com, instantly receiving ‘To The Rooftop’, as well as two bonus tracks when the album is released (acoustic versions of Making Statues and Live In The Sky).

The first two singles taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Making Statues’ and ‘Feel It Faster’, have been supported by BBC Radio 1, XFM, Kerrang Radio, Kerrang TV, Scuzz, MTV Rocks, Kerrang Magazine, Rock Sound, Big Cheese and more. The band previously gave away mini album ‘Come To Life’ with Rock Sound in 2013.

2014 promises to be a busy and important year for VERSES – both Kerrang and Rock Sound have tipped the band for big things in 2014.  The plan is to tour, tour, tour, so expect to see them at festivals throughout the year plus a number of tours.  Since forming in 2010, the band have paid their dues and toured relentlessly, supporting Arcane Roots in 2013 and LostAlone already in 2014, to build up a solid fanbase to prove that they’re in this for the long haul and not just a band looking for overnight success!

Tickets are available NOW from WeGotTickets.com, priced £6 in advance, but will cost £8 on the door. Support comes from tour buddies Taketheseven and local heroes All Ears Avow and Somewhat Snakes.


Apr 19        Hit The Deck, Bristol

Apr 20        Hit The Deck, Nottingham

 Headline Tour:

May 29       The Vic Inn, Swindon >>WeGotTickets<<

May 30       Unit, Southampton

May 31       Camden Rocks Festival, London (not headline)

June 1          Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

June 2          Asylum 2, Birmingham

June 3          Think Tank, Newcastle

June 4          Stereo, Glasgow

June 5          The Compass, Chester

June 6          Warehouse 23, Wakefield

June 7          Korova, Liverpool


July 12        2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham




Doors 7.30pm. 
8 – 8.30pm – Somewhat Snakes
8.45 – 9.15 – All Ears Avow
9.30 – 10 – Take The Seven
10.15 – 11 – VERSES



Verses tour poster

Gig Etiquette #1 – Drum Share

I am frequently asked questions about who should supply what at a gig, so I thought I’d give a bash at an etiquette thread, aimed at what we should and should not expect from bands at gigs…

First up – Drum Share

Easily the longest to set up and pack down, the hardest to carry about and the heaviest of any bands kit – the drums are the bane of any set up, be it from mixing pub gigs to having to orchestrate a kit change between bands, sound engineers would probably prefer to set it up once, and be done with it.

But what is it exactly? Clearly your £300 pound snare drum is for your own personal use, and you don’t want heavy hitters or inexperienced drummers treating you prized kit without respect, but you do want the gig to be as flexible as possible and keep every one happy – so what should you share?

“Breakables” is a term which typically refer’s to the expensive-to-replace parts of a drum kit, and usually the quickest bits to change – the snare drum, the cymbals and even the kick pedal. You don’t share these, as often special cymbals can be an important part of your sound, and if anything should be broken – the most expensive to replace. Rarely do you see these supplied, so if you’re ever requested to bring your breakables – this is what they mean. (it can also include the stool – so do check!)

“Shells” refer’s to the rack and floor toms, kick drum and stands.

In my experience most bands don’t mind sharing their drum shells – I had an excellent conversation with The Little Comets tour manager Michael G about drum share at their gig in Swindon at the 12 Bar last month. I asked whether there was anything in place for the support bands to use – he asked me to ask the drummer who asked me to ask the tour manager… Tour managed said that “in reality you’re not going to damage the skins of the drum shells, and it shouldn’t be a problem for them (the support bands) to use the shells” He was by and far the easiest going tour manager I have every dealt with, and it was a pleasure.

The drummer in question was a very heavy hitter, and needless to say if he’s not doing the shells any damage, its unlikely many more drummers would. Though they did have a conversation about 4 bands bills… more on that shortly.

Who supply’s the “shells”? – Simply put, the headlining band. You would assume they are receiving some form of payment, and as such should be expected to warrant it. – I recently had a band booked for an electric set, who pulled out but offered to go acoustic. Not supplying any of the back line, I said there would be an issue over money, as one of the support bands is going to have to supply the kit – and their wear and tear. This wasn’t met with the understanding I expected, nether the less I stood by my decision, and the support bands request. (for more money)

Ie. If you’re not going to bring your kit and share it with the other bands, what exactly are you bring paid for?! It’s all lovely and all that you agreed to play, but im not paying your band £600 to turn up, use every one else’s backline and bugger off.

But what if there is 4 support bands on the bill?

Good question. – Whilst you’re doing your bit to be a good touring musician and making the event / night flow nicely, there’s no need to take the piss out of your generosity. I wouldn’t expect any band to supply their drum kit for any more than 3 bands, including their own. So that covers a typically average 3 band bill, but what if there is 4 bands?

Well in a situation like this, it’s down to the promoter who organised the gig, to of organised some form of understanding in advance of the gig, what was expected of each band, and allowed for time to change over drum kits. Often you may find a “house kit” in place for situations like this.

A house kit? – Yes a house kit. Most toilet circuit venues have a battered kit some where on their premises. Usually only wheeled out in an emergency, or if they have big bills or tight schedules. A house kit is almost certainly not going to include any breakables, and often not the kick pedal.

As a rule of thumb, if in doubt always take everything you think you’ll need. If a kick pedal hasn’t been discussed then take it, it’s better to have too much kit than too little in any given circumstance! And if you know a venue has a house kit, don’t always assume it will be there – I’ve had bands come a cropper in the 12 Bar, when the house kit is being used in The Vic (in Swindon) and vice versa.

Thanks for reading – feel free to leave your comments, tell me I forgot something, your feedback and to agree or disagree with anything I have said – its good to talk, it’s even better to discuss!