A free gig, festival additions and a new merch item…

LOADS of announcements here… Please shared & tag your friends so everyone sees it!


In light of the recent Wiltshire Times article about the future of Town Hall Arts (summery – Victim of their own success, require “35k to survive, 60k to thrive” in funding) we decided that the line up of AXES (multi-nationality & gender) some what reflected the diversity that the Town Hall Arts is all about, and thus have made our event FREE ENTRY in an attempt to fill the venue to bursting with like-minded individuals. 

Re-cap on what the show is all about, Axes are signed to Big Scary Monsters, whose roster has a long and beautiful relationship with performing our shows. The band themselves are an art rock band, with crazy time signatures, structures and dynamics all over the place. Real fun, feel good, dancy, indie rock noise, with silly song titles (Wet Wet Wet Wet or Rainbow Bacon or Fleetwood Math etc).

Support comes from Wiltshire’s own art rock band, Hoggs Bison, who is none other than Tom Mallard from Chippenham’s Riverbank studio. The band have put out their own debut album on vinyl, titled “Aeons” and last year performed at math-festival “Arc Tan Gent”. Following in the footsteps of previous Wiltshire outfit, Thought-Forms, it’s fair to say we have a strong history of producing this sort of quality & long may it continue!



ALL ROADS LEAD TO fROME! still… That’s right, Somerset council haven’t changed any of the sign posts around, so indeed all roads do still lead to Frome. 

We, very quietly announced last week that, Scout Killers, All Ears Avow, Drew Bryant, She Makes War & Rob Lynch were added to our line up – In case you missed that announcement, and many of you did, here’s the new again. 

I cannot stress how difficult it was to tie up some of these sought-after acts. Rob Lynch is a slippery salmon, but credit to Rob Dahl for chasing him like some sort of 90s pop fan. He didn’t manage to scare Lynch away, like say, Dan Buckingham would have, and instead agreed to come play instead. 

It’s also with great admiration that we include Scout Killers on the bill. The band recently sold out successively larger shows at Village Pump in Trowbridge, followed by The Nest in Bath. We’re predicting big things for the band, who only inked a deal with American band Soil’s Ryan McCombs management agency & are set to make a further leap when their album is recorded in June, and released later this year. It’s great to see some of our talent breaking out, so do keep a lazy eye on this band. 

I’m tickled pink that Laura She Makes War has also agreed to the gig, joining her friends Barry Dolan aka Non-Canon and Ben Marwood on an already excellent bill. 

Rob & I have been very lucky over the past two years that the bills do get better, fingers crossed this year we’ll beat out previous records. The line up speaks for itself. 


OK, so you kinda get it by now, Chuck SJ Hay is great. They’ve done some amazing gigs for us, and they’re someone we really believe in. But we can’t simply keep giving the same show over and over, at some point something has to give, so we’ve made the decision to add Chuck to the Justin Sullivan show at The Vic in Swindon. Much like the recent Grace Petrie gig, Chuck will play an early set, which won’t affect the other acts or times. 

Chuck really is someone coming into their own. Confidence seems to grow in the performance and there is a real message there. So far the gigs have managed to turn new people on to their music and things are definitely coming together for this Brighton based artist! A couple of high-profile supports and we could see Chuck develop into a real regular on this circuit. I predict that they’ll be opening Gaz’s Xmas shindig in Bristol in 2019. I’m calling it now. 

OH and one last thing… 

After recently seeing some wicked enamel pin badges, I’ve decided to produce some Sheer ones. Very simply, they say “Sheer Music est 2004” round the outside, and #GigFamily on the inside & will look amazing! Rob Escott (who does most of our posters) is mocking us up a design (when he get 5 minutes for my slave driving…) 

I did hope they would be ready in time for the Axes show, but alas the turn around is 4 weeks, so I’m way out. However, they will be beautiful and a perfect summery of what we’re about – a big family of gig lovers and friends. Defying age, gender, religious or sexual barriers, live music and our shows are joyous spaces where we come together to have fun together & I can’t think of anything more beautiful than that. So this is a pin badge to celebrate that! 

You invented the #HashTag, I just ran with it! 

So there you have it – big update……. 

SEE YOU ALL AT THE AXES SHOW & don’t forget to pick up tickets for All Roads Lead To Frome (please!) 


Sheer Music Presents… Dave McPherson

Waaayyyy Haaayyyy it’s that time of year again!

We like to have Dave McPherson at least once a year, and shortly after our Turner show in January, we open our Trowbridge account for the year by having the InMe front man headline the coolest little slice of venue in town. 

Last time Dave played for us was in this very venue, supported by the wonderful Oxygen Thief. We have plans for Barry to return in March, so there will not be a repeat of a line up. Instead we’re welcoming Ravetank over from Bath for the first time and Heartwork over from Wales. Heartwork seems to be going from strength to strength, so fingers crossed 2018 will be an even bigger year for him. 

What a banger of a line up that is, if I do say so myself. 

We’d really love you to come hang out with us at this show to further strengthen the affinity between Dave and Sheer, as we really want to book InMe this year too, so like…. come show him some love!! 

Luckily Dave has never played either a quiet show or a bad show for us, hence the friendship we share, but putting it out there that we want to push on and bring in the big one, can’t be a bad thing. 

So, what do you need to know?

Friday 9th February 2018
@ The Village Pump, Trowbridge (aka The Lamb)
Doors 8pm. 
8.45 – 9.15 – Ravetank 
9.30 – 10 – Heartwork
10.5 – fin. – DAVE McPHERSON. 

Tickets £5 adv. or £7 otd.
WeGotTickets – http://www.wegottickets.com/event/423768 

Normal rules apply, we like our shows to be inclusive and open to the next generation of live music fans, as such, if you’re 14+ you’re welcome to attend – just don’t go trying to lig! Oh and The Lamb in Trowbridge aka the Village Pump has excellent Wheelchair entry, so, roll up without fear.

Sheer teams up with the new generation!

I am proud to inform you good musical people of Wiltshire that as of NOW, Sheer Music has teamed up with promoter type people in both Trowbridge AND Pewsey, and created a larger umbrella of promotions.

Matt Seaborne, guitarist in Make Believe Me, has joined the fold and allowed me to help promote his shows, so now you will be able to find his event’s under the Sheer Music events tab on Facebook. Matt typically promotes at Pewsey’s “Shack” where he is doing a Punk Vs. Metal gig very soon, but Matt’s first show as part of Sheer is his “Subject Matter” show on April 16th at The Lamb, Devizes. Full details can he found HERE.

Also getting involved is Lily England-Jones who is running her own gig on April 16th in Trowbridge’s Village Pump rooms, at The Lamb, which you can check out – Here too. This show is also April 16th.

Finally Elliott Sykes, also of Trowbridge, is putting on a fantastic night of underground music on April 23rd, also at The Lamb / VIllage Pump rooms. You can check that out also on facebook.

This is a massive step forward I think, as it put’s all the local shows in one place, making it easy to keep tabs on, and also get’s all the fan’s in one place so it’s easier for us to promote our shows. We’re all pulling in the same direction, and fingers crossed means we won’t clash dates too much, or bands – helping keep things fresh and interesting!

In return for being part of the Sheer Group, and inviting their friends and fans to join in, Kieran Moore is delivering Press Releases to papers and online blogs and forums – this is actually taking up alllllll my music “working time” right now! Do keep an eye on The Gazette if you live in Trowbridge, as the first of these press releases will be out a week next Thursday, in time for Lily’s gig!


Not only am I trying to open up the scene to more people, but I need more people to be involved. If you live in trowbridge / Pewsey, I need your pic’s and reviews from those shows – so we can upload to our facebook and get printed in the papers. (Full credit’s acknowledged)

So please please, get in touch if you want to be a part of this bright new local scene future, and I’ll give you more details regarding reviews, photo’s or flyer design!

If your reading this, and want to help but your not sure how – simply invite appropriate people you think will want to keep up to date with the local scene to the Sheer Music Facebook page!

PHEW, glad that’s over – here’s a nice pic of Matt Seaborne rocking out, presumably at The Shack. Thanks for your help!


New place to Play / Record / Practice in the area.

Today I had a nice cup of tea and a chat with husband and wife team Pat and Kate, two members of Trowbridge’s Village Pump venue / charity.

I was over at the venue picking up the old PA system as the venue is being overhauled, thanks to a grant given to them from our very own Wadworth’s Brewery.

The grant is enough to kit the venue out with a new PA, recording facilities AND a decent lighting system. Wicked!

Outside the Village Pump

For those who already know the venue, it’s exciting times. A recent expansion has seen the venue pad out a bit with a new entrance / green room area, with separated desk / engineer area, but don’t worry – it still has its old charm and upstairs area…

The upstairs - charming!

If you’re interested in playing or, in the future, recording (when it’s done!) drop an email to pete@petemacgregor.co.uk, he’s sure to help!