Sheer Music Present… Tony Wright (Terrorvision)

I do hope you appreciate reading about how and why we make the decisions we do with the shows we put on, if you don’t skip to the bottom for the vital statistics, if you like to know, read on…

The year is 2000 in the December time, and Zoe is at Salisbury college. The heavens have poured down and the whole of Salisbury plain has been flooded. The bus I am on gets routed through Orcheston and decides to plough right through what is effectively a river. Needless to say the bus conks out. 

Picture me, balls deep with other passengers (which happens to be a future colleague, Roger Chandler of Devizes Post Office!) wading through ice cold water to get to the replacement service the other side of the river. And this was the year 2000, I mean, I had the WIDEST Nu-Metal trousers going. They weighted a ton with all that water soaked in & bike chains hanging off the side…

ANYWAY, I finally make it to Salisbury Arts Centre, meet up with Zoe and get to load in Terrorvision as part of a Salisbury College music course gig. A band I had seen the year before on the main stage at Reading and I had totally fallen for their album “Regular Urban Survivors”. 

This was the first time I had worked with a “famous” band or certainly someone successful and (in my mind) legendary. **Pop Quiz** the support band that night was, who had the belting single Big Green Bath, doing the rounds at the time. I swapped my “number 4 long sleeve t-shirt”, for their singers Spiderman Beanie, on the proviso that he worse it in the next band interview, so I could see it and make my “claim to fame” ** I can’t specifically remember who I was with that night, but I do remember being one of only 3 people who moshed for the support band. 

ANYWAY, so I got to meet and hang with Terrorvision after all the lumping was done. They were the most stellar guys. Before the show, the band were getting pumped listening to their latest record as pre-show music, to get them in the groove. (I thought this was weird, but literally had nothing to base that assumption on) 

I asked if they were going to play “Oblivion” to which the drummer said “wait and see, kid”. Which was a stupid question really because OF COURSE they were going to play Oblivion, and Perseverance and Tequila etc etc etc. 

So, that was the first proper experience I ever had, and led to a (thus far) life long fascination with live music, musicians, audiences, live shows, pre-shows, PA set ups, you name it, I had all that first experience at that one show – No one knew at the time what it would lead too… so if you want to blame someone, blame Terrorvision!! 


**Another Pop Quiz** This show completes my own Britrock Must Be Destroyed Collection, where I’ve had each band from said tour play for us at Sheer! It only took 18 years to be realised! 

So without further ado, here are the details…

Thursday 15th November 2018
@ Level 3, Swindon
£14 adv. £18 otd. 
Doors 8pm.
8.30 – 9.15 – Jim Blair (Hip Route) 
9.30 – 10.30 – TONY WRIGHT solo (Terrorvision)
10.30 – fin – 00s Rock Clubnight. 

Tickets: Available direct from Level 3 and The Victoria without booking fee, or via WeGotTickets here…>

Tony Wright L3 poster


Devizes Festival events close to selling out…

We have been staggered by your response to the Festivals events, it has taken us by complete surprise – but we can now announce that THE HENRY GIRLS at the Merchants Suite has now sold out along with the MICHAEL WOOD talk at the Town Hall – HUGE THANKS to all who have bought tickets…

Sarah Savoy is close to selling out too, quite possibly due to the free food supplied by Peter Vaughan at The Bistro 😉 – Believe there to be 10 left…

New Model Army has reached 3/4’s with 300 tickets sold as of Thursday 30th May!

The opening event, Luke Wright Poetry is down to 30 remaining tickets and we only have 50 remaining for the Oliver Reed play too. 

So to recap, quite possibly due to the on line tickets via, >>WeGotTickets<< we’ve had our best ever pre-sales and now expect this to be the best year ever for Devizes Festival – grab your chance to see some exceptional talent in your home town, NOW!

New Model Army set to play Devizes.

As part of Devizes Festival 2013, the festival are proud to announce that New Model Army will be performing the Corn Exchange, in Devizes on Friday June 21st.

The band will be warming up their Willow Man festival appearance, with a rare outing in the heart of Wiltshire. There will be one support act announced nearer the time – keep your eyes on local press for an update.

Tickets will be priced at £20 and go on sale May 1st from WeGotTickets. You can also purchase tickets by downloading the booking form, from the Devizes Festival website – where you can pay by cheque or credit card, without a booking fee. 


Onetwothreeand In The Studio

Ah, a name I can so easily manipulate into headlines every time, when they make it big, all the magazines will follow suit…

Anyway hometown heroes 123 And In are now safely embedded in Longwave Studio in Cardiff recording their debut mini lp. Can we call it debut mini lp? Debut single, debut mini lp, debut full length.. When do releases stop being Debut’s?

Longwave has been the studio of choice for some huge and decorated acts such as Manic Street Preachers, Funeral For A Friend, Glass Jaw and Bullet For My Valentine among many others.

Some of the tunes are going to be familiar, im personally excited about “Room 16” – about Sams gran if BBC Radio Wiltshire interviews are anything to go by…

It represents further development for the band, and more exciting times to come after such a strong 2009.

And to excite you further, the boys have announced a new Devizes gig in July – you can join the facebook page here. I am trying very hard to do an “early bird” cheap rate ticket available through wegottickets, but im having to work with Ian James Promotions on this one, so keep your eyes peeled for that link in due course!

Maxamillion Bishop