Frank Turner @ Wembley 13/04/2012

Last night I was one of thousands who turned out to see Frank Turners coming of age – his heralding of bigger things. I felt like I had to notice and remark on how bloody proud and amazed at his swift rise to fame and achievements.

In little over 6 years years Frank went from playing his début gig at Small Town America‘s 93 Feet East Charity shin-dig and hitting Wiltshire towns, Salisbury, Trowbridge and of course Devizes (3 times!) in the process.

Last night we witnessed some of these songs which had previously be aired to, by contrast, intimate crowds – played and stand up to stadium sized proportions. It was by no mistake that Frank played nearly his whole set in front of a blood red velvet curtain, only to absolutely smash a version of “The Road”, a song all about his dedication and hard work, only to rip the cloth away to announce his stadium credentials with a whopping 40 foot FTHC backdrop and then smash a version of “Rock N’ Roll” a song all about, well music – the one thing that bound the whole audience together.

Truly staggering stuff if you were there, a fairy tale of epic proportions made up of 100’s of humble little achievements, and hard work all come good. Twitter was raging with comments about the show, Rock Sound loved it – I can’t wait to read that review, and by now it’s well and truly understood that Frank Turner cannot be confined to buildings and his only natural step from here is bloody headlining a major UK festival.

I’ll update what poor camera phone pictures I have shortly – though Facebook + twitter is full of much better ones…